Kylie Jenner breaks Instagram with a sensual pose

          The name of Kylie Jenner It has been playing a lot these last weeks (more than usual, which is saying). Not only because of the recent news of her separation from Travis Scott or the announcement of the name of her second child in common, but also because of the ‘looks’ of heart attack that he is giving us. If the Kardashian knows anything, it’s about starring in spectacular poses like the one she gave us a few weeks ago in a bra. And let’s not even talk about the lion head dress she donned at Paris Fashion Week, which also caused a lot of buzz, albeit not on good terms…

          Once again, the founder of ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ has blown up social networks with her latest photos. Naturalness has never been the forte of the Kardashian sisters, something that has become clearer than ever with the publication of this highly studied Instagram carousel. These snapshots show the Kardashian wearing an impressive blazer and skirt set that she reveals her toned abdomen, clothes that she combined with tall black boots (much more discreet than the ones she wore a few days ago, a pink model with glitter) and semi-transparent gloves.

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          Actually, it is not so much the ‘look’ that has attracted attention (which also), but rather the very sensual way in which she poses. And it is that only Kylie Jenner could pose this incredible with some grapes. “Damn it, now I have a craving for grapes,” comments a fan in the publication, which already accumulates more than 3 million ‘likes’.

          The outfit worn by the businesswoman belongs to the collection spring-summer 2023 by Lado Bokuchava and, as you can already imagine, it is not within everyone’s reach. To give you an idea, just the boots are already around $2,850. The rest of the garments are not far behind, since the ‘blazer’ costs 745 dollars and the skirt, 380.

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