Kylie Jenner celebrated the 5th birthday of Stormi Webster, her daughter with Travis Scott with a unicorn party: the photos | Famous

Since then, fans of the socialite have been able to witness their daughter’s growth, as well as the comforts with which she lives on a daily basis.

Of course, the girl’s birthdays are the perfect opportunity for her family to splurge on great luxuries: this is how number 5 lived.

Kylie Jenner congratulated Sormi on her 5th birthday with cute photos

In the early hours of February 1, 2023, the businesswoman used her Instagram account to dedicate some tender words to her daughter:

“I gave you the gift of life and life gave me the gift of having you,” the publication began.

Combined with a series of photos from different moments in her life, Kylie Jenner called Stormi “the most special girl.”

“This little face, I will continue to miss it as long as it continues to change. 5 years of loving you and an eternity that we have left.”

Kylie Jenner closed the congratulations to her daughter with “I’ll always be there for you, ‘Storm’ girl.”

For his part, Travis Scott has not dedicated any public message to him.

Kylie Jenner showed off Stormi’s 5th birthday party

This year’s celebration was not far behind. In fact, it started a day before, as Kylie Jenner revealed on her Instagram account.

Through this social network, the businesswoman showed that on January 31 she filled what appeared to be Stomi’s room with balloons of different colors. The girl, for her part, was able to hear more than excited by the detail:

“Mommy, there are so many!”

For this reason, some of the sweatshirts that were given as souvenirs to the guests included the legend “two required”.

The Kardashian member also gave away two types of shirts: one with the name of Stormi, with the legend “5 are life”, and another with that of her younger brother, accompanied by the text “to the throne”.

Of course, Stormi continued to be the protagonist of the decorations: as her mother revealed, a giant inflatable of her head received the guests. After this, there were several balloon arches that marked the entrance to the party.

As in previous years, there was an inflatable slide with Stormi’s face on it.

The theme of this birthday party was unicorns, so the children who attended could paint their figure of this mythological animal and make their own ‘slime’.

Some Kourtney Kardashian Instagram stories seemed to indicate that Stomi’s 5th birthday party also featured a unicorn piƱata.

Tell us in the comments, what do you think about the birthday parties that Kylie Jenner organizes for her daughter?

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