Kylie Jenner claps back at TikToker who accused her of trying to sound relatable


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Kylie Jenner has applauded a TikTok user who accused the reality star of faking her relatability to boost her public profile.

Jenner commented on @plasticchandler’s video in which he suggested his latest Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit review was “very influencer style-appropriate.”

The makeup mogul replied, “It’s really not that deep or that calculated. This video took me 5 minutes to make. and yes, I still drive and do normal things 🤣.

In the TikTok user’s clip, he said, “It’s something Emma Chamberlain would post. And I just think it’s interesting because it’s like, you’re a billionaire, girl. Why are you browsing lip kits in your car when you live in a multi-million dollar house? »

Jenner’s original video showed her dropping her phone and saying, “Ah, shit,” before launching into an ad for four new lip gloss shades.

“Dropping the phone was a little crabby,” @plasticchandler said in response.

@plastichandler suggested that Jenner try to replicate content from other influencers.plastichandler/TikTok

Several commenters echoed the sentiment that the ‘Kardashians’ star was inauthentic in her latest social media posts.

“Girl, did you just come out of the mansion to your car like you were going to the store and can’t wait to try it,” one person wrote, while another commented, ” How to be relatable: step one: get in the car, step two: drop the phone. THIS IS IT 😀.”

Jenner dropped her phone in a video before reviewing lip products.kyliejenner/TikTok

Many have even speculated that Jenner tried to rename herself after the birth of her as-yet-unnamed son in February.

When her daughter, Stormi, was born in 2018, the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ alum almost completely retreated from the public eye, in stark contrast to her ‘King Kylie era’ from 2014 to 2017.

Jenner’s brand changed after welcoming her daughter, Stormi.GC Images

TikTok videos posted in 2022 show the businesswoman poking fun at her sister Kendall Jenner, filming herself cooking and giving fans a glimpse into her life with her mini-me daughter.

The change in content has led many to believe that Jenner is making a calculated attempt to be seen as a relatable person, evoking the ‘King Kylie’ days that saw her make a name for herself with newfound confidence.

Jenner applauded the TikTok user, saying she was still doing “normal” things.kyliejenner/Instagram

The Hulu personality recently faced backlash online for barely acknowledging a reporter’s presence as they took a photo together.

The reporter, Alexa May Rhodes, later deleted her TikTok video of the awkward moment after fans slammed Jenner for not giving her a “hug, a smile or even a word”.


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