Kylie Jenner confesses: “I made the lip filler, because a guy made fun of me for my kisses”-


of Simona Marchetti

During the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion show”, the 23-year-old entrepreneur, head of the beauty giant of the same name, told some episodes of her life, including the reason that led her to make the first touch-up at 17 years old

It was the fault of a boy, who had teased her for how she kissed, if Kylie Jenner decided to get the first lip filler at the age of 17. And even if now he laughs at it, joking about the fact that he should give the name of that boy to one of his lip kits, given the beauty empire he then built, at the time that episode marked her a lot, because it undermined her certainties as a woman. «My love for makeup began because of the insecurity for my lips, which I had never thought of until I gave one of my first kisses – in fact, the 23-year-old entrepreneur confessed to Andy Cohen for the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion show” – . I remember a guy saying to me “my God, you’re really good at kissing, too bad you have such small lips” or something. And so, from then on, I felt unbeatable».


Hence the idea of undergoing the filler at 17 years old. “When the guy you like tells you a phrase like that, it’s hard to overcome. I was really sick of it. I couldn’t feel desirable or pretty, I wanted to have more voluminous lips and I drew them over the edge with the pencil, to make them look bigger. In the end, however, I realized that not even the pencil makeup worked, so I ended up putting my lips back on it». In fact, many claim that the retouching of the young Jenner was not limited only to the lips, but also affected the nose, breasts and B-side: allegations that Kylie has always denied, confirming in the past only the filler to the lips and face.

During the video interview the younger of the Kardashian sisters then talked about the flashback with Travis Scott, father of his daughter Stormi, explaining that for now he does not think about marriage, “but I still hope to get married one day” and also explained that he wanted to keep the pregnancy secret “because I had already shared so much of my life and I was also very young , so I didn’t know how I could handle the opinions of others.”

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