Kylie Jenner: fans really worried about her emotional state!

Kylie Jenner fans are wondering about their idol … For them, the businesswoman would go through a dark period!

For several days, fans of Kylie Jenner are investigating him. For them, the darling of Travis Scott would be the victim of a… severe depression. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Kylie Jenner is more discreet

Over the years, Kylie Jenner has continued to amaze her fans with her countless projects. Like her illustrious sisters, the main interested party also saw her notoriety explode thanks to the reality show “ Keeping Up With The Kardashians“.

A born hard worker, the young woman then launched herself into the cosmetics business. Very quickly, its ranges met with great success all over the world!

Since then, everything has been going well for her… Or almost. Just like his career, his private life intrigues the tabloids just as much!

It’s been a while since Kylie Jenner spins the perfect love with Travis Scott. Whole, the duo had two children: a little girl named Stormi and a little boy whose first name is still unknown.

Being very active on the Web, the influencer, therefore, likes to reveal photos of her pretty tribe. This year, Kylie Jenner also signed her big comeback with a new show: “The Kardashians” broadcast on Hulu.

Facing the camera, Kim Kardashian and her loved ones lift the veil on their daily life in LA! To promote the program, Kris Jenner and her daughters are also increasing their appearances on TV.

Recently, admirers of Kylie Jenner have been wondering a lot about her. For them, the happy mother of two would go through a rough patch.

Kylie Jenner: fans really worried about her emotional state!
Kylie Jenner: fans really worried about her emotional state!

Fans ask questions

The latest news, Kylie Jenner did not want to participate in the show Jimmy Kimmel Live with his family. According to media, North’s aunt would have preferred to stay away!

Was she taking care of her baby? Or did she want to avoid expressing herself on the Astroworld Festival tragedy ? To this day, no one knows.

Last February, the young mother also delivered on her postpartum problems. Like her sister Kendall, Kylie Jenner has often suffered from anxiety!

If Jordyn Woods’ ex-BFF is used to being in the spotlight, she also likes to live out of sight. On the Web, his community watches over the grain.

For her, the darling of Travis Scott would be at its worst. “There is something sad about Kylie right now. She doesn’t look well”, can we read on the networks. Or : “Her smile seems forced”, “I hope she is well… she seems changed since her second childbirth”.

Other fans have claimed that Travis Scott could also be the cause of her heartbreak. ” It is possible that she broke up with Travis, underlined an anonymous person. The last internet hypothesis would be that Kylie Jenner would be tired of being constantly associated with reality TV.

» Imagine you grow up in this family dynasty… And you are supposed to film your life to earn money for your family brand (…) “, Added a Twitto.” She was probably forced to do things to keep her older siblings and mother happy. We will certainly know more in the months to come. To be continued…

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