Kylie Jenner shares a photo of how her belly looked after childbirth with her baby

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Kylie Jenner shared a never-before-seen photo of how her belly looked after childbirth with her baby. The socialite also published a video in which she showed the experience she had in her second birth.

As “the queen of Instagram” who has positioned herself, Kylie Jenner shares the most important news of her life through said platform. On September 7, the businesswoman made a publication with a moving video in which she announced her pregnancy to the world and in February she made another in which revealed that her baby had already been born.

Kylie Jenner showed her natural belly after giving birth

This morning Kylie Jenner made a publication that touched the social networks, because shared a video on her YouTube account in which she narrates the experience of her second pregnancy. In the short of almost 10 minutes entitled “To our son” you can see from the moment he broke the news to Travis Scott until the birth of Wolf Webster.

To continue promoting her YouTube video, Kylie Jenner made a special post on her Instagram profile with a series of photos and videos of her most special moments during and after her pregnancy. One of them was an image in which you can see her bare belly with her baby’s little feet.


Kylie Jenner, who is known worldwide for showing off her toned body, shared how her belly looked after childbirth. The tender image quickly went viral, reaching more than three million “likes” and thousands of comments in less than an hour.

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