Kylie Jenner shares a rare photo of her son on Instagram!

On Instagram, Kylie Jenner has just shared an adorable photo of her baby. Check out this adorable shot!

On Instagram, Kylie Jenner shared a new photo of her son. Check out this adorable shot of the three-month-old toddler whose official name we still don’t know! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kylie Jenner gives news of her newborn baby

It has now been a few weeks since Kylie Jenner gave birth to her baby. Stomi’s little brother is the delight of his parents and the Kardashian / Jenner clan.

However, fans of the pretty mom are getting impatient! Indeed, three months after the end of her pregnancy, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics has still not did not reveal the name of her baby !

First baptized “Wolf”, the toddler quickly changed his identity. Because the young woman did not like him too much. Since then, fans of the beauty have tried in every way to find out the child’s new first name. But in vain !

However, if she has not yet delivered this info only known to the Kardashian family, Kylie Jenner nevertheless communicates about her son. Just this week, she posted a new photo of him on Instagram.

Don’t expect that said to uncover his face! Travis Scott’s future wife simply delivered in his story on Insta a photograph of her little feet ! But it’s already adorable.

The baby appears to be standing in this shot alongside her big sister Stormi, 4. We will therefore not be more for the moment about the newborn child of the Jenner family.

But what we do know, however, are the details of the delivery of the 24-year-old influencer. On Instagram, the beauty recently engaged in a question and answer session with her subscribers.

Kylie Jenner shares a rare photo of her son on Instagram!
Kylie Jenner shares a rare photo of her son on Instagram!

A difficult birth

And of course, some people asked her a lot of questions about her delivery. Rather intimate questions to which the young woman still wanted to answer without filter!

Like a good friend, Kylie Jenner has delivered everything to her fans. Far from the glamorous image that she returns, the young mother has played the confidence card. And she didn’t shirk on any subject.

Although she is quite happy to have already partially found the line, she notably admitted that she still had pounds to lose. Kylie also confided that this delivery had been much more difficult than that of Stormi.

“I just want to tell all the new moms that postpartum is not so easy. It is not simple at all, it is even extremely difficult. This second experience, for me, was even more difficult than for my daughter”she revealed.

She insisted that it hadn’t been easy to live with. I didn’t want to go back to my normal life without talking about it, said the young woman. She thinks that her story can thus help others.

Adding that “if young mothers go searching on the Internet, it will seem a little easier for them and will take the pressure off them”. “It’s not easy mentally, physically, spiritually. It’s even completely crazy, ” she added.

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