Kylie Jenner slammed for ‘pretending’ to work as a scientist for ‘staged’ photoshoot at cosmetics brand’s lab

KYLIE Jenner has come under fire for posing in her cosmetics lab as a scientist.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum recently battled her new products.

Fans criticized her for having


Today Kylie, 24, was accused of pretending to be a scientist during a photo shoot at the Kylie Cosmetics laboratory in Milan, Italy.

The reality star took to her Instagram feed on Wednesday to share a series of photos and videos from the makeup creation process.

In the first, the TV personality wore a white lab coat over her baggy jeans and sneakers, as she reached for a pink bottle on the counter.

Kylie then shared a photo of herself peering into a huge vat of liquid, examining the shadow.

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The Hulu star smashed a test tube full of product and a shelf full of glitter makeup jars.

She bent over a glass jar of red liquid as it was measured and weighed.

Kylie watched the makeup swirl around in the glass, and later measured the gold and white powder by scooping it up on a scale.

The mother-of-two captioned her post: “In the lab creating new magic for you guys 💕 better than ever. @kyliecosmetics. »


But fans were unhappy with the post, slamming the TV star as they claimed she was ‘pretending’ to be a scientist.

They took to Reddit to discuss the situation, with one writing, “I feel like you know this is staged; there’s no way she’d be allowed to walk around like that if it was actually products for sale, maybe in stage development that’s fine, but I’m pretty sure that ‘she should have a hairnet on the production set. »

“He flew to Milan just to pretend to be in the lab making new products that will end up being repeat colors of previously released products,” said a second.

A third remarked, “I came here to say that. A lab coat but no gloves, mask or hairnet lol that’s such a joke. I also bet that photo was taken 400 times before she liked one enough to post it. »

“Yeah, it’s basically a photoshoot to try to trick the public into thinking she’s involved with whatever brand. It’s nothing more than a quick encounter with the people in the lab who did all the work.

“I’m not even convinced that she’s designing the brand or contributing to it in any way. Unfortunately, she’s the one who benefits the most while all the people who really work to produce all that constant, overproduced shit earn pennies. compared to her”, fulminates a fourth.

“Look at her cosplaying as someone who really works,” a fifth sneered.

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” Good. Why not show people who are Actually in the lab creating her makeup. She really wants credit for EVERYTHING. This message is so ridiculous,” one finale suggested.

This wasn’t the first time Kylie faced backlash over her makeup line, as many fans accused her of simply recreating old shades with each “new” collection.

Kylie measured her makeup products


She shared photos of her brand new colors


Fans accused her of pretending to work


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