Kylie Jenner ‘slams’ Travis Scott for letting smoke in his photos

After sharing some of his shots on Instagram on Monday, June 11, on which we saw smoke, the lovely American influencer claimed that her current boyfriend is behind this ‘anomaly’ in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are having a ‘crazy’ love affair

A real attraction and star on Instagram, where she has more than 300 million subscribers, the sister of Kendall Jenner and all the other Kardashians has once again made a name for herself on this social network with magnificent shots of published on Monday July 11. However, in these publicly shared photos, fans noticed the presence of smoke, at times, and wondered about its origin.

It was then that the daughter of Kris Jenner did not hesitate to enlighten everyone by revealing the origin of this smoke. According to her, her boyfriend and native of Houston would be at the base. ” It’s Trav who made all these photos for me and strangely, there is smoke in the majority of them. He is responsible for it. ” she advanced in an obviously ironic tone. Suffice to say that the two lovebirds live a very deep love and share a real bond publicly with sometimes a dose of humor as we have seen here.

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