Kylie Jenner wants another child: “I think about it every day”


Kylie Jenner reveals that she wants to give her daughter Stormi a little brother: “Being a parent is stressful, but there’s nothing I want more”

Nothing makes Kylie Jenner happier than being a mom than her daughter Stormi, 2 years old, had with former partner Travis Scott, 29.

Stormi is at that age when, growing up, we begin to distance ourselves from our mother, and this makes Kylie very happy but at the same time also a little sad.

“He’s just over two and a half years old now. I’m thrilled that she grows, but at the same time I’m very sad” reveals Kylie.

Kylie wants to be (again) mom

Although the beauty guru loves watching her daughter become a talkative, curious, polite and caring child, she reveals that she will miss living these precious moments of growth.

Precisely for this reason, Kylie Jenner does not hide the desire to have another child.

While collaborating with James Charles for a video tutorial on Halloween makeup on her YouTube channel, Kylie Jenner has in fact confessed that she wants more children.

To James Charles’ question ” Do you want more children?”. Kylie replied “There’s nothing more you want”.


«Absolutely yes – the entrepreneur continued to reiterate – I actually think about it every day. But I still don’t know when.

I’m not planning to have more children at the moment, I don’t have time for that to happen.

But after Stormi, it is impossible for me not to want more children».

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The little girl of the Kardashian-Jenner house, however, also admitted that it is not at all easy to make sure that she does everything possible to give her children the best education.

«Parenting is stressful – Kylie said – you always have to know what is the right thing. I keep myself informed, I read books, I follow all the Instagram profiles for moms.

I’m still trying to learn what’s the best way to raise a child, but I think every child is different. to moms out there just recommend doing what they think is best for their child».


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