Kylie Jenner’s critics were left stunned over her ‘weirdly pointy’ nose after a filter ‘glitched up’ in a close-up video of the star’s $36 million LA mansion.

Kylie Jenner has revealed her different-looking nose in a video taken at her Los Angeles mansion.

The 26-year-old Kardashian star went makeup-free as she shared a makeup tutorial using her Kylie Cosmetics products.

Kylie Jenner reveals her different-looking nose in a video taken at her Los Angeles mansionCredit: Getty
Critics claimed her nose looked ‘weirdly pointy’ when filter ‘messed up’ during makeup tutorialCredit: Instagram

At the beginning of the clip, Kylie filmed herself without any makeup.

She then applied concealer, bronzer, blusher and lipstick using her own products.

The reality star posted the clip on Instagram on Saturday.

She captioned it: “Quick everyday makeup using Kylie Cosmetics.”

Critics claimed that her nose looked different at the beginning of the video before the apparent filter present on the clip was “glitched”.

One shared a screenshot on Reddit and wrote: “100 percent she used a filter because what’s going on with her nose here??

“Even in the video his face kept getting messed up with a filter.”

Another agreed: “Her nose is weirdly pointy.”

A third claimed her whole face looks different, commenting: “New face alert!”

Kylie has faced a lot of speculation in the past regarding her changing appearance.

After battling insecurities about her “small lips” for years, she admitted in 2015 that she had had lip fillers when she was 17.

She previously said: “I was 15 and I was insecure about my lips.

“My lips were really small, and it was, like, my first kiss, and a guy said, ‘I didn’t think you’d be a good kisser because your lips are so small.’

“I took it very seriously. When a guy you like says that… I don’t know, it really affected me. I didn’t feel desirable or beautiful.

“I would overline my lips with lip liner to create the illusion of bigger lips and then, finally, I realized, this lip liner isn’t doing that and it’s finally healing my lips. That sticks with you.” It goes – it just happened there.”

surgery confession

Meanwhile, over the summer, Kylie finally admitted to getting a boob job after years of speculation.

“You know I got my breasts done before Stormi,” she told her BFF Anastasia (Stassi) Karanikolaou on an episode of The Kardashians.

Kylie admitted she had surgery just months before becoming pregnant with her daughter, adding, “I didn’t think I’d have a baby when I was 20.”

She regretted the decision, saying: “My breasts were beautiful, like natural breasts. Perfect – gorgeous.”

“Like, perfect shape, everything perfect. And I wish I never got these done to begin with, obviously.

“I would advise anyone thinking about this to wait until the kids are born.

“Obviously, I have a daughter too, it would break my heart if she wanted to get her body done at 19.”

She has two children with her ex Travis Scott – daughter Stormi, 6, and son Airey, 1.

Kylie filmed herself without any makeup at the beginning of the clipCredit: Instagram
The 26-year-old was seen here in 2012Credit: Getty
She is the mother of 6-year-old daughter Stormi and 1-year-old son AireCredit: TikTok/@KylieJenner

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