La Bebeshita is honest with her fans, makes a STRONG revelation about her intimacy

“The Baby Girl” She is one of the influencers who has gained fame for her spectacular figure, through her social networks she shares a large number of sensual images, however, this time she surprised her fans by being honest and make a strong disclosure about their intimacy.

Daniela Alexis Barceloreal name of the influencer and singer, gained fame in 2016, for her participation in the TV Azteca program “Falling in love”, which led her to be considered as the show’s “loving” host and specialist, which also made her He added followers on networks.

Dany, as her fans and friends affectionately call her, left the program hosted by Carmen Muñoz in 2020, and since then she has continued her career as a presenter. Last year “The Baby Girl” She was one of the members of MasterChef Celebrity, where she was one of the favorites.

La Bebeshita reveals details about her intimacy

The 30-year-old host and influencer is very active on her social networks, mainly on Instagram, a platform where 2.7 million fans follow her, with whom she shares details of her career, and also of her professional life, as the this Wednesday night.

Daniela Alexis He surprised his millions of fans with a dynamic in which he answered the questions of his millions of followers on the famous platform, so he had to talk about some issues such as his singleness, and the relationship with some friends with whom he has been recently seen.

One of her fans was encouraged to ask a question regarding the privacy of the influencer, who was not afraid to answer. “When was the last time you made the delicious?” Was the question that her follower had, to whom he replied: “Never, I’m crying. I’ve never done it, I’m a virgin.”

In addition, “La Bebeshita” explained that she is still single because she is enjoying this stage in her life a lot, and also confessed that she likes a member of the Club América team, although she only revealed that her name begins with the letter J.

The influencer revealed details of her intimate life with her fans. Photo: IG @alexissoy


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