“La Chica del Clima”, Yanet García, exposes her Latin beauty with revealing blue string lingerie

Janet Garcia.

Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency

Yanet Garcia showed off her Latin beauty with a risky set of lingerie which, as on other occasions, generated thousands of reactions from his social media followers.

The former presenter of the program ‘Hoy’ continues to be successful in her role as a model, especially since she joined the list of celebrities who share daring images within exclusive content platforms such as OnlyFans, in which she debuted in April 2021 with hot posts that have left little to the imagination with the help of revealing “floss” lingerie sets and bikinis that show off their toned anatomy.

But not only is he able to raise the temperature through the aforementioned platform, but he has also used his official Instagram profile to show himself with heated clothes.

That was how this weekend he set fire to a postcard in which appeared modeling a set of blue underwearwith which her curvaceous silhouette was exposed to the delight of thousands of admirers who fell in love with her beauty, including Galilea Montijo.

On this occasion, the native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, was proud to represent Latin beauty, which she revealed with the description of the publication in which she took the opportunity to mention the team of professionals who accompany her in her daring photo sessions. between makeup artists and hairdressers who make her look spectacular.

And it was precisely the photographer Diego Alanis who has not hesitated to show off within his social profile part of the work he does, where Yanet García has shown off in tiny lingerie sets that on several occasions have exposed her shapely rear while posing with his back to the camera.

While, in another postcard, she was seen with lace garments and transparencies in black that revealed her silhouette while showing herself from the front.

Although Yanet García enjoys a heart attack figure thanks to the demanding exercise routines she performs and a healthy lifestyle, there is no shortage of publications in which she highlights the beauty of her face that steals prominence from the heated lace garments.

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