“La Chica del Clima”, Yanet García, exposes her rear on the beach with a translucent dress

Janet Garcia.

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Yanet Garcia She does not stop drawing attention on social networks with the help of hot images that make her look radiant and with a spectacular body. That was how she once again showed off her statuesque silhouette with a seductive garment that has left very little to the imagination.

A few days ago, the beautiful Mexican model, who is known as “La Chica del Clima” shared with millions of Instagram followers that she traveled to the Turks and Caicos Islands to produce new material designed especially for her millions of OnlyFans subscribers. platform in which she has gained popularity for sharing fiery images in which she appears modeling dental floss bikinis and transparent lingerie sets that have become favorites of many.

However, the former presenter of the program ‘Hoy’ is about to launch her new material, so she once again used her social profile to share a preview of what her most demanding audience will be able to enjoy and modeling on the beach with her back to the camera, she exposed her shapely rear with the help of a sexy white dress, whose transparencies perfectly showed her curves.

The beginning of something new“, was the phrase with which he accompanied the image that stole the hearts of thousands of followers.

But as usual, the native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, also received a shower of messages praising her stunning beauty.

In a different angle, but also caused a stir days before, Yanet García doubled the dose of beauty and sensuality posing with the same garment in front of the crystal clear waters of the sea.

While, in gratitude for the love he continually receives, he shared a video in which he showed how he did the heated photo shoot from the set of islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, a paradise that you will soon be able to enjoy on social networks and the exclusive content platform before mentioned.

From the same British territory, the 31-year-old television star modeled a set of strappy lingerie and pink transparencies, with which she showed off her dazzling beauty.

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