La China, the alleged assassin who served four cliques of the Barrio 18 gang and who was arrested in zone 21

The National Civil Police (PNC) reported on the capture of an alleged assassin that he had two active arrest warrants for allegedly participating in two separate armed attacks against two men, including a Colombian collector.

The alleged gang member was identified as Leydi Noemí Tzún Lacán, alias China, 18 years old, who according to the PNC She was a collaborator of three cliques of the Barrio 18 gang.

The arrest was made by agents of the Department of Investigation of Crimes against Life of the Specialized Criminal Investigation Division, at 8th Avenue C and 20th Street in the Loma Blanca neighborhood, zone 21.

The woman He has two arrest warrants issued by a court in Guatemala, both for the crime of murder..

According to the PNC report, the investigations into China show that it is allegedly responsible for having carried out two armed attacks in zone 21

The first attack occurred in April 2022 against a 22-year-old Colombian lender and the other criminal act was in May against a 41-year-old man; both incidents were in the Loma Blanca neighborhood.

It is investigated for seven other cases

According to the PNC, Tzún Lacán, alias China, is also being investigated for seven more cases in zone 21 of the capital and 12 of Villa Nueva.

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