La Jornada – AMLO demands that Vitol clarify bribes to Pemex or leave Mexico

Mexico City. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asserted today that if the energy company Vitol does not clarify which officials of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) gave bribes, it will not be able to operate in the country. “If you don’t reach an agreement and if this isn’t clarified, you won’t have any job opportunities in Mexico.

We do not want relations with corrupt foreign companies, neither from abroad nor from Mexico. Because that was the practice, that was Repsol, Odebrecht, OHL, they all came here and could do and undo, that is over,” the president stressed during the morning at the National Palace.

The head of the Executive explained that in a judicial process that is being followed in the United States, that company -of Dutch capital- declared before the court that it incurred bribes to officials of the Mexican parastatal, for which it was sanctioned in the northern neighbor.

López Obrador said that representatives of the company proposed to the Mexican government to return the money from the bribes and the operations carried out from them, but the president instructed not to accept that payment if it was not previously clarified who the officials who received the moches are. also so that his administration is not pointed out as a cover-up.

“I don’t know the amount (…) The instruction I gave is that we should not accept anything until we know who had received those bribes, that in the meantime we did not want to have any dealings with this company, because they were giving us the money, but the suspicion of who had received the bribe and also we were going to remain as accessories, “he assured.

The president pointed out that there is already progress to find out who received that money and announced that information will be given today in this regard. “We are going to ask Pemex to report on this today.

It was an example of how it is not just a question of returning the money or fixing myself up in the United States, and a commitment that I have in the courts of the United States is not to disclose the names of the people and in Mexico, as before, everything was I could, well, there you fix it by giving another bribe, another moche. Well no”. He stated that this case is similar to that of Odebrecht.

“It’s a shame because it all started in a court in the United States. That (with Odebrecht) was what led to a review in all Latin American countries and meant prison for presidents, arrest warrants for officials of the highest level in several countries and even Mexico, only that was hidden for a while. but now in the case of the director of Pemex (Emilio Lozoya), part of his trial has to do with bribes given by Odebrecht.

The president added: “it is like blasphemy, money used to buy legislators who are now in opposition, legislators of the parties that are against us, who received money to approve the energy reform” in the past six-year term.

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