La Jornada – Doing what we love for a long time keeps us active, says Jacqueline Andere

To talk with the actress Jacqueline Andere is to travel to the past, to a “beautiful time”, to know anecdotes of well-known actors, directors and varied characters, as well as countless projects in theater, cinema and television, but above all, to witness the great passion towards a career, forged based on hard work, talent, beauty and elegance.

Convinced that “work is life”, Andere continues to shine a light on a 66-year career, which began in experimental theater, the same scenic art where she currently develops “and very much enjoys her character” of Lola in the play 100 square meters or the drawback, in which he shares tables with Ana Karina Guevara at the Manolo Fábregas Theater Center.

“Also did fantastic theater; Guillermo Aguilar was the prince in the program of (Enrique Alonso) Cachirulo; he was a very dear friend. There I was a princess or fairy, ”recalled the actress about her beginnings on television, in which she received her first great opportunity in the soap opera Vida por vida.

Footprint in soap operas

In this environment his presence has been constant and among his works are remembered Wild Heart, The right to be born, Letters without destiny, Crossroads, In search of paradise, Legends of Mexico, The neighborhood, The mummies of Guanajuato, Deceive me, The lioness, The other, My destiny is you, Serafin, Angela, My dear Isabel, Lark, The flight of the eagle Y the hex, among other.

Andere, 84 years old, said in an interview: “When you do what you like for a long time, you get used to being active, because if you don’t, you feel like you’re not here, that you’re a piece of furniture in the house and that can’t happen. be. Work, for me, is very important, as long as I can” continue to be active.

She recalled: “Because of the way I have carried out my career and, above all, when my husband (the director and writer José María Fernández Unsain) was alive, if I had nothing to do and I was desperate, he would tell me ‘let’s go a tour’; there were two of us, but now I have to decide about my things”.

Andere commented that when he has no calling or artistic activity he dedicates himself “to watching soap operas as if it were a task, to see what role I would have stayed with, but, fortunately, I have not seen any, and that way I feel less bad.”

Regarding the scarcity of roles, which at a certain age do not arrive so quickly, Andere commented that “in London, where there is a lot of theater, but they do take into account the ladies – well, perhaps not so old – as is the case of Jane Fonda, who is my age and there is the woman with great activity and programs”.

The actress, who has won twenty awards, said: “Thank God, I had a beautiful time, in every way; my golden dream was to be an actress and it came true for me to have a beautiful career, which was consolidated little by little. I knocked on many doors, spoke to producers and came to Televisa and asked: won’t you have something for this week? That’s what we did then. There was even a little cafe on the premises where we actresses and actors would sit and see if someone would say, ‘Hey, I have a part for you.’”

Even Andere did not fight to be taken into account, because “I had an Ernesto Alonso who loved me very much, and I adored him, I saw him as a father; in addition to Luis de Llano Palmer. They were both decent people who did see the talent of the actress who was starting out and gave her opportunities; from there I continued until she becomes the absolute protagonist ”.

“The most important thing is to hold on”

Over time, Jacqueline Andere learned that “the important thing is to get there, but it is more important to sustain yourself; so much so that in the middle of the pandemic I made the soap opera The Mexican and the blond. If I put all the good and the bad on a scale, it leans towards the first. Everything costs work and life has been good to me, but you have to get there, dedicate yourself, learn the role; also, when I started there was no wonderful prompter… there were some scares; imagine if you have to record 30 scenes of a soap opera”.

Of course, Andere emphasized, “I’m not from Twitter or anything, only if they write to me on WhatsApp, but sometimes I don’t even open it; I tell them, if I have a phone at home and they have the number, how difficult is it for them to dial, ”she commented with a laugh.

Now he wants to “continue in theater and wait if a soap opera comes out for next year; I don’t have much luck in cinema and I would love to do it, but they haven’t called me”.

Regarding the seventh art, he recalled his debut in the film wedding dress, and just a year later, in 1962, he was part of the multi-star cast of the immortal film the exterminating angel, by Luis Buñuel, a performance for which she won the Silver Goddess for best co-starring actress.

However, with Yesenia, by Alfredo B. Crevenna had “an impressive success in Russia and thanks to this film I have been to China five times, four of them on behalf of that country; they even still call me and have told me that they play it every year”.

Regarding her innate learning in the artistic medium, she recalled: “I learned working with first actresses, such as Carmen Montejo, Amparo Rivelles, María Teresa Rivas and Ofelia Guilmáin, whom I saw, while I played little parts in soap operas. In The lioness, I was with Rivelles and Guillermo Murray recently unpacked from Argentina. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life; he was made by hand”. The figures of Julio Alemán and Joaquín Cordero also came to his memory.

Of the “almost 60 plays” in which he has participated, he commented, that he began with Romeo and Juliet at 17 years of age; later appeared in his life The seer, which they followed shadow crown, in which she played Empress Carlota; the musical Cancan and in 1983 in A Streetcar Named Desire, in which Blanche DuBois performed superbly, in addition to the harpies, Between women, The Tamed Shrew Y ash womento mention some montages, because in scenic art “I have never stopped”.

Now, Jacqueline Andere is focused on the work 100 square meters or the drawback, by Juan Carlos Rubio, in which he wants to be “as long as it takes and while we are on the billboard”.

The story tells of the “confrontation” of Lola and Sara, two apparently different women who are united by an apartment. The first wants to sell it, the second wants to buy it. That apartment that the real estate agent offers Sara has all the characteristics that she wants: low price, spaciousness, light and a beautiful view. It only presents a small “inconvenience” Lola, the owner of it, who must live in it until the day of her death.

Actor Mauricio Galaz completes the cast of this entertaining and moving show, directed by Manuel González Gil, with a Best Theater production and Morris Gilbert, which is presented at the San Rafael neighborhood, with performances from Friday to Sunday.

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