La Jornada – IMSS provided 11 million consultations in the eastern zone of Edomex

Naucalpan, Mex. During 2022, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in the State of Mexico, eastern zone, performed 66,381 surgeries, 109 tissue and 15 multi-organ procurements; it also provided more than 11 million consultations in its different family medicine units and hospitals.

The dependency indicated that it treated 2 million 902 thousand 618 people in its 45 Family Medicine Units (UMF), 11 hospitals, three Ambulatory Medical Care Units (UMAA), a Breast Clinic and a Hospital Extension Center.

He added that there were also 1,073,922 consultations in different specialties, including emergencies, tocosurgery, gynecology, internal medicine, traumatology and orthopedics, ophthalmology, general surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, cardiology, urology, nephrology, and otorhinolaryngology.

He added that as part of the days of continuity of services “With the eagle well on”, health personnel undertook 20 days in which 18 thousand 484 specialty consultations were provided, 28 thousand 874 auxiliary diagnostic treatments, 123 thousand 623 attentions in family medicine and 2 thousand 9 surgeries.

He highlighted that in terms of the Organ and Tissue Procurement Program for Transplant purposes, 109 tissue and 15 multi-organ procurements were carried out in the five certified hospitals, in addition to reactivating the cornea transplant program at the Regional General Hospital (HGR) number 200 of Tecámac, benefiting a welding worker, who recovered his vision that allowed him to return to work.

“Through the PrevenIMSS strategy, it was possible to reach 152 thousand 435 people, who were oriented around the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases; And as part of the fight against breast cancer, specialists from the Coacalco Breast Clinic and first and second level units care for 615 patients diagnosed positive for cancer and who currently receive timely treatment.

Also, he affirmed, 1,208 activations of the Heart Attack Code were carried out, a strategy that grants immediate attention to patients with cardiovascular conditions who arrive at the emergency room.

“61 Brain Code activations were also attended, an initiative that coordinates multidisciplinary actions at the three levels of care to improve the response time of medical personnel and reduce disability and mortality in the event of Cerebro Vascular Events (CVD).”

Likewise, the National Center for Training in Vasectomy Without Scalpel was consolidated at UMF number 77, in the municipality of Ecatepec, the only one nationwide that trains doctors from all over the country. To date, there is a team of 20 doctors certified by the National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health of the federal government.

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