La Jornada – Russia: signs that the cancer that killed Hugo Chávez was provoked

Moscow. Russian experts have found evidence in Ukraine that drug trials with possible dangerous side effects have been carried out in humans for years, the Russian Defense Ministry reported yesterday. He added that, according to the Venezuelan authorities, the country’s former president Hugo Chávez (1999-2013) was poisoned with a substance capable of causing cancer.

Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, indicated that “in the laboratory of the Pharmbiotest medical center (…) they found documents confirming that tests were carried out in Ukraine for several years for the big pharmaas the big pharmaceutical companies are called (…) Unregistered drugs with possible dangerous consequences were tested on the local population”.

The medical center is in Rubizhne, west of Lugansk, from where the Ukrainian troops were expelled. After the conquest of that city, experts from the Russian Federation found evidence that American and European pharmaceutical companies frequently visited that place. He did not show the alleged evidence.

“To avoid image risks and legal problems in the event that the studies of new drugs fail, American and European pharmaceutical companies conducted their clinical trials with Ukrainian citizens. Payment to volunteers was minimal and deaths could be easily concealed.” Kirillov added his report of the discovery of large quantities of opioids and other psychotropic substances in the positions seized from the troops of the invaded country in Donietsk and Lugansk.

He said that the cancer that killed Chavez could have been caused by poisoning. “According to data from Venezuela, this type of substance to make Chavez sick was manipulated by Claudia Diaz, who was part of the presidential circle,” Kirillov said.

Díaz was a nurse for Chávez, and is incarcerated in a Florida jail, where she will be tried on charges of corruption.

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