La Nación / Avant premiere of “La lista”, with elegant red carpet

After touring various international festivals, getting nominations and awards in different categories, “La lista” arrived at theaters in our country. This is the long-awaited suspense thriller of national production whose avant premiere was held at Cinemark del Paseo La Galería, with a glamorous red carpet in the purest style of the great world premieres.

The film, directed by Michael Hardy, deals with the situation of a wealthy exiled family when they return from the United States to re-enter society, their families, recover their lives, after the fall of a brutal dictatorship. However, the new government marks them as regime collaborators and the newcomers must survive a lawless night.

In the film, Juan Torres (Fernando Abadie) is accompanied throughout the night by his wife Gabi (Claudia Scavone) and their daughter Hope (Paloma Vargas), who flee along with other characters and try everything in their power to clear his name. “La lista”, by Miranda Producciones, is a Paraguayan production by a local technical team. The audiovisual was declared of cultural interest by the National Secretariat of Culture.

Ana María Abadie de Paredes, Jesús Pérez and Lety Fleitas.
Guille González, Annabel Pitaud and Paulo Lezcano Ehrecke.
Lilian Trinidad and Gisele Mousques, one of the figures in the film’s audiovisual.
Vanessa Capello, Paula Capello and Ivonne Velázquez.
Lucia Sapena and Dea Pompa.
Eva Barrientos O’Connell, Lucas Barrientos O’Connell, Lesley O’Connell Hardy, Elyssa Ana Hardy O’Connell.
Amira Paredes and Guille Benitez.
Lucia Baez and Borja Garcia.
Mary Luisa Laborda.
Lala Gimenez Guillen.

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