La Nación / ‘Barbie’ stays on the prime of the field workplace and outperforms ‘Oppenheimer’

The fever of the premiere of the comedy-drama for adults “Barbie” doesn’t matter both by age or, after all, by gender. We is not going to do something spoiler, however we are going to present you a part of the massive assortment of Gabriel Scur, a 37-year-old Paraguayan collector of the well-known Barbie doll, who acquired La Nación/Nación Media at his dwelling in Asuncion to point out us his treasure of virtually half a thousand gadgets.

Gabriel Skura is the nation’s largest collector of widespread dolls. The Asuncian Citizen began his assortment in 2015 and immediately has over 400 Barbies from the eighties and nineties. In a chat with La Nación/Nación Media, the person gave some tips about how you can construct the gathering.

As for the easiest way to begin gathering gadgets, Scura identified that classic dolls in Paraguay are costlier than shopping for them on-line. “My first recommendation: research, read about Barbie and identify with the era based on that, because often people say, “I collect Barbies,” however they don’t even know what they gather. For this cause, I like to recommend that you just inform your self and primarily based on this you go to purchase and gather,” he suggested. The collector identified that prejudice ought to be ignored as toys should not have a gender. “The process of buying, waiting is very exciting. There are works that have a whole story behind them and start a new story with you,” Skura commented on the principle emotional part of his followers. Another tip was to discover a good value to purchase a duplicate of Barbie. Dolls are costly immediately, however I’m additionally in search of a superb value,” he pressured.

Skura stated that since childhood he was drawn to Barbies, however solely as an grownup, he was capable of fulfill his dream.

His first buy was a Barbie from the 1995 Mermaid Hair assortment. She additionally has a copy of Barbie with a ponytail, the primary Barbie doll to be launched to the market in 1959. 1992, Midge pregnant since 2002, Barbie with hair 1991 and others.

“The old one I bought in Paraguay was Day to Night (1989). I found a good price because at that fair people didn’t understand what they were selling. I bought at an American fair for £200,000, but this copy costs about $100,” he stated.

“Currently I have about 400 things with Barbie and her friends. I also have a few Ken dolls, I have pets, accessories in general, houses, cars and everything you can imagine about Barbie,” he stated.

The enthusiastic collector recommends ignoring prejudice.

The man recalled that as a toddler he walked across the cabinets of toy shops and checked out dolls with a need to have them. “My collection is based on nostalgia and basically consists of all the dolls that I have ever seen on TV or in a toy store. my friends had. Over time, I had this desire, and I read, researched, as the years went on, I grew up and began to collect a collection of dolls from the nineties.

Despite this, little did he know that, as an adult, he would become the biggest Barbie collector in the country. On top of that, of course, over time, Skura wanted to increase the range of his collection, so he added dolls from the eighties. In this sense, he admitted that 99% of his purchases are made online, since many copies of vintage dolls are not sold in the country.

The collection mainly features items from the 80s and 90s.

As for the local community with which he shares this passion, he said that there are many Barbie collectors in the country in cities such as Asuncion, Coronel Oviedo, Villarrica, Ciudad del Este, Encarnacion and others. In addition, Scura has an online community of Internet users from Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Spain and other countries. Through his @BarbieCollectorPy Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube account, the compatriot has an international reach and is even known outside of our borders as Paraguayan Ken.

“The truth is that it’s nice to be able to meet other people with the same passion, and above all that generations change and grow. Although, when I started, I met several collectors and I know that today there are new collectors, and from now on I am happy to be able to promote and draw attention to the collection of Barbie dolls in Paraguay, as in any other country in the world,” Skura concluded.

“Currently I have about 400 things with Barbie and her friends. I also have a few Ken dolls, I have pets, accessories in general, houses, cars and everything you can imagine about Barbie.”

The collector recommends doing research before making any purchase.

“As a collector and fan of Barbies, I have enjoyed all the films that have been released before, but I believe this live action movie came out at the right time because I can already enjoy it to the fullest as a doll collector, as an adult Barbie. fan, and also with a Barbie-loving inner child. This film will mark the before and after, this is the film of the year,” he stated.

Local Barbie collectors have been determined so as to add to their assortment ever because the trailer for the Barbie film was launched. “The truth is that I never thought it would affect Paraguay so much, and from now on I am happy that Paraguayans can also appreciate and give such importance to the Barbie doll,” stated the younger man.

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