La Nación / Filming begins in Berlin, one of the most charismatic characters of “The paper house”

“This character is a theme park that has shown that he is capable of surviving death, limbo, hell, the dark side and the light.” With these words Pedro Alonso has referred to Andrés de Fonollosa, known worldwide by the nickname of Berlin, one of the most charismatic characters of ‘The paper house’ whose own series is about to start filming. A fiction with which Netflix continues to expand the universe of the global phenomenon of “Money Heist” and that will include names like Michelle Jenner, Tristán Ulloa and Begoña Vargas in its cast.

At a press conference held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, the streaming service has presented the start of filming and the new cast of the series that, again with Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato as creators, will show one side less dark and more “playful, luminous, romantic” and even “comic” of the character.

A series that will have eight chapters that still do not have a release date and that they hope to compose the first of the several seasons that this prequel and spin-off will cover with which Netflix continues to expand the ‘Money Heist’ brand. “Berlin allows you to play and advance as an actor in the wildest form of entertainment,” says Alonso, who assures that he only needed one day to say yes to this project.

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Pina has defined this new production as a “journey” through the complex, unpredictable and “effervescent” personality of the character from Berlin, but approached from different and more “luminous” points of view than those worked on in the five seasons or parts of ‘La Casa de Papel’ where, it must be remembered, Alonso’s character was shot to death at the end of the first coup by the gang led by The Professor and reappeared in subsequent seasons through ‘flashbacks’.

“There was a time when we talked about resurrecting him, that he was still alive, but it was an option that took us to science fiction and we didn’t want to break that pact of credibility with our viewers,” admits Pina, who promises that despite showing one side more “light or comfortable” in Berlin, the new series will not lose “that psychopathy that the already iconic character has at times.”

Set “in an indefinite past” and “in search of his own identity” with a “genuine” story, in this series there will also be robberies, but they will be “white glove” robberies in which ingenuity will prevail over pyrotechnics, thus turning Berlin into something like “the David Copperfield of robberies”. “There will be robberies in the series, but the genre is different,” Pina and Martínez Lobato insist.

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Along with Pedro Alonso, the new band from Berlin is made up of well-known faces such as Michelle Jenner (Isabel), who plays Keila, an eminence in computer engineering and an expert in cybersecurity but “much less expert on the emotional side”, or Tristán Ulloa (‘Fariña’), who will play Damián, a philanthropist professor and old friend and confidant from Berlin who will act as a sort of “Jiminin Cricket” for the protagonist.

The youngest members of the new group will be Begoña Vargas (‘The Border Laws’) who plays Cameron, a kamikaze who always lives on the edge and whose priority is to “have a good time”, Julio Peña Fernández (‘Through my window ‘) gives life to Roi, the faithful squire of Berlin, and Joel Sánchez embodies Bruce, the man of action in the gang that the actor himself defines as a “madman”.

“The Berlin character has the most effervescent personality to place her in another universe. Not all characters have this potential and we really liked the idea of ​​introducing a new gang around Berlin in a different emotional state.”

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The eight episodes of ‘Berlín’ are written by David Oliva, David Berrocal, Esther Martínez Lobato and Álex Pina and will be directed by Albert Pintó (Sky Rojo, Malasaña 32), David Barrocal (Sky Rojo, La casa de papel) and Geoffrey Cowper (Third degree). The Vancouver Media series will begin filming on October 3 in Paris and will take place over several weeks between the French capital and Madrid.

Source: AFP.

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