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The little 10-year-old drummer Emma Sofía continues to conquer rock fans and even international musicians of this genre. This was the recent case of the American artist Lenny Kravitz, who commented with a reaction to a publication of the compatriot.

In the afternoon hours of Sunday, the famous singer and guitarist made little Emma Sofía very happy by appearing in her Instagram notifications, since the musician first reacted with a “like” on the compatriot’s video and then commented the post with an emoji of a red heart and a flame of fire. The gesture quickly moved the drummer, as she shared it on her social media with great joy.

The song that Sofía performed is called “Fly Away”, by Lenny Kravitz. According to the 10-year-old girl, maintaining the “hit hat” of the song is not easy at all, but the young Paraguayan talent did not disappoint when she performed it, calling the attention of the American musician who has hits like “Believe”, “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, “Rock and Roll Is Dead”, “Heaven Help”, among others.

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Emma Sofía commented to the American musician: “My God, thank you for recognizing me.” Photo: Screenshot.

Emma Sofía has taken on a lot of public importance since last March, after the suspension of the Asunción music festival, last March, which was canceled due to a storm. After the announcement of the suspension, the girl appeared with an improvised battery in front of the hotel where one of her idols, drummer Taylor Hawkins, of the band Foo Fighters, was staying.

In order to see the musician, the little girl played some of the band’s songs, drawing the attention of the drummer, who left the hotel to take a photo with the Paraguayan artist. After the happy moment that Sofía shared with Hawkins, a few days later the drummer appeared lifeless in a hotel room in Bogotá, Colombia, mourning Foo Fighters fans.

The little Paraguayan was named in Rolling Stone magazine after the event in Paraguay with the late musician. Likewise, the little girl started a self-convocation to be part of a tribute that the rock band would make to her former drummer in which the little girl tries to be part of the tribute. Emma Sofía continues to share her covers on the internet, showing her followers her great talent.

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