La Nación / “Romeo and Juliet”, 200 years later in Paraguay

They say that tales and fables at some point are replicated in real life. In 1597 the famous English writer William Shakespeare published his work “Romeo and Juliet”, a tragic love story full of prejudices and starring two young people who could not freely consolidate their passions. What happened next took place in the city of Santa Rosa del Aguaray, department of San Pedro, a remarkable coincidence with what was mentioned above.

He is Abram Fehr, a 22-year-old Mennonite from Colonia Manitoba, and she, Sandra Paredes, a 30-year-old veterinary professional from the department of Caaguazú. Both met in 2021 through social networks and it was love at first sight, according to what they say. Unfortunately, Mennonite customs do not allow its members to marry people who do not belong to the colony and that is why, from the beginning, the relationship was not accepted by the young man’s family.

Despite the misfortunes of life, Abram and Sandra did the impossible to see each other and live the genuine love that unites them and precisely the fruit of that love is reflected in the body of Sandra, 5 months pregnant. Abram and Sandra got married last February, the young man left his neighborhood and went to the city of Coronel Oviedo to get married, since the young woman’s advanced state of pregnancy prevented her from making such a long trip.

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The happiness of the newlyweds was short-lived, last Thursday, Fehr’s parents filed a complaint for appropriation against the couple because the young man had taken his father’s truck to Coronel Oviedo. According to the complaint, plainclothes police arrested both because they allegedly already had an arrest warrant. The youths were taken to the 18th Police Station in Santa Rosa del Aguaray, where they spent the night in a cell.

Fortunately, the next day, the Prosecutor’s Office ordered the release of the couple, but despite this, the young people expressed fear for their lives. However, the love they have for each other is much stronger than any fear and even with the claim of his mother and even an ex-girlfriend of the young man who implored him to return to the colony, Abram decided on a new life with Sandra and the baby, who It arrives next July.

The desperate request of the young woman on social networks at the insistence of the family for Abram to return to the Colony. Photo: Screenshot.

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