La Nación / Shakira awaits Bad Bunny’s response to collaborate on a song

The singer Shakira is at the peak of success after the release of her latest single “Monotonía” with Ozuna, which has already accumulated more than 56 million views on YouTube in its first week. After this achievement, the Colombian artist gave a nod that her next collaboration could be with Bad Bunny.

The unexpected announcement of the interpreter of “I congratulate you” occurred in the comments of a YouTube video of the Spanish content creator Javier Ferrari, who shared a reaction to the new song. “Can you imagine Shakira with Benito? They would break the internet,” said the youtuber.

For which the singer wrote: “I am waiting for him to call me Bunny. How do you know?”. The Spaniard commented: “Shakira for Bad Bunny?” This advance excited the fans of both artists and many presume that the song is already a reality, since otherwise the Barranquilla would not have exposed it on the internet.

The followers reacted differently: “I don’t think it’s official, she just hinted that she would like a song with Bab Bunny”, “It’s confirmed, they just need to confirm it”, “I don’t see anything official about it ”. It is worth mentioning that Benito Martínez, known as Bad Bunny, already shared the stage with the Colombian in the Super Bowl presentation in 2020, so a musical gathering could be just around the corner.

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