La Nación / Shakira’s father was hospitalized in serious health in Barcelona

The Colombian singer Shakira is facing a complicated moment due to the critical state of health of her father William Mebarak, 91 years old. Although the interpreter has not spoken on networks about her situation with her father, the Spanish press reported that Mebarak would be serious, admitted to a health center in Barcelona.

The 45-year-old singer, simultaneously with the bad media taste that she starred in due to her separation from the player Gerard Piqué, is currently devastated by the state of her father, who was already hospitalized for a heavy fall last June, even being transferred in an ambulance, accompanied by the barranquillera.

Despite the medical discharge, William Mebarak’s health fluctuated in recent months, but the last episode of his delicate state of health led him to be admitted to the Teknon hospitalQuirón de Barcelona days ago, according to the Catalan newspaper El Periódico. Apparently the vitality of the grandfather of Milan and Sasha (children of Shakira and Piqué) is impaired, since he was once again the victim of another apparent fall.

The singer’s press team asked the media to respect the situation of the father, who remains in the Teknon clinicQuirón de Barcelona, ​​but his condition was not reported by the medical staff, nor the reason for his hospitalization. The one who has not separated from his father has been the 45-year-old interpreter, who was seen by the care center these days.

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At the insistence of the Spanish press, the singer’s communication team issued the following statement: “Shakira’s communication team confirms that the singer’s father, William Mebarak Chadid, is hospitalized at the Teknon-Quirón clinic in Barcelona . The details about his state of health are reserved, so the family asks for respect at this time, waiting to see his evolution. “, He expressed.

The last fall of William Mebarak, in the month of June, even resulted in a surgical intervention, since the 91-year-old man had blood clots in his head, a reason that left serious consequences in the older adult, who on the day of his death birthday did not recognize a song by Shakira, who sang it as a serenade.

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The last clip of congratulations was accompanied by the text: “Happy birthday to the hero of my life, daddy, you have had COVID, two falls and two operations. It has been a lot this year and you are still 91 years old, teaching me resilience and boundless love every day, ”Shak wrote, recounting the complex state of his father’s health, as the year 2022 passed.

Months ago, the singer also shared some postcards from her children with her father, where she stated: “You taught us to get up after every fall and this time we know you are going to do it. We love you,” she commented. As if that were not enough, in an interview with Elle magazine last September, the “waka waka” singer indicated that she is facing the darkest moment of her life, making it clear that this year has not been one of her favorites, despite the musical success he had with the singles “Te congratulations” and “Monotonía”, which allegedly deal with his breakup with Piqué.

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