La Nación / Stellantis shows prototype of its RAM electric truck

Global automaker Stellantis unveiled a prototype of its Ram brand’s future electric pickup trucks on Thursday at a presentation at the major Las Vegas electronics show, CES, which also featured a new Peugeot archetype.

Called the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV, it includes dual-window doors, more interior space, a retractable steering wheel that can fit a computer, and a fold-flat third row of seats in the rear. The model is still a concept that will evolve. The company did not specify how far the vehicle could go on a single charge, saying only that it could reach up to 100 miles after about 10 minutes at a fast-charging station.

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The first model is expected in 2024. Meanwhile, samples are expected from Ram’s main competitors in the United States: Ford has been selling its popular F-150 Lightning since spring, while the electric Silverado from Chevrolet (General Motors) and the Cybertruck from Tesla will be available in 2023.

Stellantis also highlighted Peugeot on Thursday by unveiling a concept car to inspire the brand’s next generation of vehicles, dubbed the Inception Concept. The vehicle is electric and has a “cat” appearance, according to Peugeot director Linda Jackson. Instead of a steering wheel, the car features a rectangular touch-operated surface that can be retracted to make room for a panoramic display that runs the full length of the vehicle.

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Source: AFP.

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