La Nación / Strong statements by Noemí Gómez towards the organization of Miss Universe Paraguay 2022

Noemí Gómez, founder and former director of the defunct and remembered American International Model School agency, which had achieved prominence in the world of catwalks in the 1980s and 1990s, used her Instagram account to comment on the making of Miss Universe Paraguay 2022.

The ceremony was held last Friday night at the Paseo La Galería facilities and had the outstanding presence of the 2021 universal viceroy, Nadia Ferreira, and her boyfriend, the Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony.

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“I am crying with rage. How is it possible that 30 years ago we were able to do live beauty events without a single mistake!!!? And today year 2022 I have to see this?? OMG!! Drivers must be totally free. It is not allowed to improvise!! So much work was useless.”

These were Noemí’s first expressions about the production of the beauty pageant gala, which was awaited with great expectation not only in our country, but also internationally, since foreign media echoed the event simultaneously.

In the same publication, Gómez assured that “Nobody learned anything from anything” and questioned the scenery and the imperfections that were visible to the naked eye, for which he exclaimed: “Oh noo!! From bad to worse. Everyone should take a crash course in how to put on a live mises show for television.” He then he emphasized: “Everyone! From the general producer to the lighting manager.”

Finally, he described the event as a large-scale embarrassment and pointed out: “All postponed. Total sadness I feel. Shame on others.” Therefore, said publication achieved a series of repercussions on the part of numerous Internet users, who also manifested themselves by saying:

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“Unfortunate”, “Indignant, I want to leave the country”, “Remembering your demands in the organization of these events. You are incomparable and unique”; while another user went further by expressing: “Even the election of Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock’s film, was better. Seriously, someone has to explain what happened. There is no money, there is no talent, there are no missologists; I don’t know, I want to cry when I see this, why do they do this when there are so many professionals in our country”.

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