La Nación / They arrest an alleged lawyer for scams carried out via Facebook

Members of the National Police arrested a woman for fraud who pretended to be a lawyer and thus defrauded the victims. It happened in the city of San Lorenzo, where the accused as the alleged perpetrator of the punishable act of fraud deceived her victims through the social network Facebook, where she put vehicles up for sale.

The apprehended identified as Adriana Paola Ávalos Isnardi has a prolific record for similar events. From her power, the recovery of G. 8 million in cash and a Toyota brand vehicle was achieved. The procedure was carried out on Julia Miranda Cueto street, almost Defensores del Chaco, in the heart of San Lorenzo, thanks to meticulous intelligence work.

One of his victims went to the 1st Police Station in San Lorenzo to report that he located the person who had swindled him; Consequently, police personnel were mobilized to arrest the woman. Her modus operandi is via the Facebook social network where she published about vehicle sales and deceived her victims.

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“She does not have a specific profession, but she told her victims that she was a professional lawyer. Our surprise is that at that moment she was accompanied by a couple receiving cash. The couple said that they were going to buy a car from her and the characteristics of that vehicle coincided with the complaint filed by the victim,” said Commissioner Gustavo Moreno, deputy chief of the 1st San Lorenzo Police Station.

The intervening police officers mounted an operation to arrest the woman and have sufficient evidence about her actions. They also do not rule out the participation of more people. The woman offered a Toyota brand car, Vitz model, through Facebook, which she sold to another person without even delivering the vehicle, but for which she already received the amount of G. 8 million.

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“What surprises me is the innocence of people who pay money before receiving the car. G. 8 million approximately were found, she took it to the police station. This lady has two processes for these similar events, ”said the police chief this morning in contact with 1020 AM.

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