‘La Vanguardia’ launches its new app to make the reader the protagonist

The app for mobile devices The vanguard it has been reimagined and updated to enhance the experience of our most loyal readers. A redesign in the background and in the form that makes them protagonists and responds to the suggestions that readers have sent us in recent years.

The first thing that jumps out is the change in formats, which have been modernized. In the previous app, there were features that could not be fully enjoyed. Now, from the digital cover, videos and moving images are reproduced in high definition. The news comes to life with the movement of its protagonists. The immersion in the stories is total. The inclusion of audio reading –available only to subscribers– complements a high-quality audiovisual experience. The news is read, seen and heard.

All subscribers can download the print edition at night to read it on their mobile or tablet

Beyond the image, three new features have been integrated that are already being highly praised by readers: the V+ zone, the possibility of saving news and direct access to the printed edition in its digital format. In addition, functions that have been key in the expansion of The vanguard : the notification system for breaking news and the one customized by each reader to receive a notice when one of their favorite chroniclers or columnists publishes a new article.

Zone V+

The new V+ space offers readers a selection of content where quality makes the difference. With great care, the newsroom chooses up to nine topics that have stood out for being to the liking of our readers. Podcasts, analysis, chronicles, data journalism and 3D infographics fill this space, which in its first month of life has become one of the most consulted of the new app. A selection of exclusive articles for subscribers designed for those who enjoy journalism at rest and in depth.

saved news

One of the features most demanded by our readers is to save news. Now the most interesting topics can be selected and read later. The system is synchronized with the web version of La Vanguardia, so what the reader saves on the computer can be read on the mobile. The reader manages his own news collection.

Access to the print edition

Undoubtedly one of the great novelties of the new app is that all subscribers can download the printed edition of the newspaper in digital format. Every night the next day’s edition will be available. For all those who still love the traditional diary formula but prefer to do it from their tablet or mobile phone.

Vanguard Club

In addition, from the app you can continue to access all the offers and activities that Club Vanguardia makes available to all subscribers. To the offers in restaurants, cafeterias, shops, discounts on fuel and cultural activities are now added dozens of discounts on online purchases such as plane flights, supermarket purchases and so on up to more than 400 offers. Beyond enjoying quality journalism, Club Vanguardia accompanies the subscription that pays off from the first day due to the large number of exclusive offers.

How to get the new app

The new app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store for free. For those who already have the previous version of the app, the update should have happened automatically, but if not, they can go to their app store and download the new version manually.

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