La Volpe complains to Sinha for not giving him a job at TolucaHalftime

Ricardo La Volpe has always been characterized as a person who does not save anything, which has led him to generate controversy on more than one occasion with his sayings. Currently the Mustache is far from footballsince a few years ago he announced his retirement.

Nevertheless, the Argentine strategist wants to return to the playing fieldsbut he will have to wait, since he was denied the opportunity to return to Toluca, after he assured that a manager did not give him the opportunity to be with the scarlets.

Why didn’t La Volpe return to Toluca?

La Volpe made it known, faithful to his direct style, and in a claiming tone, that Antonio Naelson ‘Sinha’while he served as sports director and at the same time of the Toluca Basic Forces, asked him for the opportunity to work with the youth, but the Brazilian naturalized Mexican did not allow it.

“I told him (Sinha) ‘take me to the Under 15, 17 and 20, in shorts, to see how they work, have a dialogue with the coach and prepare those players so that they reach the First Division with trade.’ and they didn’t take me.

“I was surprised by Sinha. He is already on top and has a good relationship with Don Valentin Diez. I told him that I was here to teach and prepare, but neither“, Ricardo revealed to Octava Sports.

The Mustache formed Sinha?

Another of the things that the former coach of the Mexican National Team commented in the process towards Germany 2006, is that although he did not train Sinha in Mexican football, yes he owes the fact that he received more opportunitieswith which he began to stand out with the choriceros.

“I did not train Sinha, but the one who put him in was me. Víctor Ruiz played, he went to Necaxa and he (Sinha) began to play without pressure or shadow behind. He needed to let go and show himself, because he came from the failure in Saltillo and Monterrey So, if I helped you in something, help me now, I think I have experience and I showed you who I was in my ways of working, “he concluded.

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