Labrinth and Billie Eilish, together in ‘Never Felt So Alone’

A few days after his performance at the emblematic location of Indigo in Coachella 2023british artist Timothy McKenziebetter known as labrinthhas wanted to animate the roost and warm up the spirits of his followers by sharing a new single that he has had the pleasure of concocting and signing pachas with nothing less than billie eilish.

We are not really talking about a new song to use, because the fans of the Londoner -and specifically, of his work for the soundtrack of Euphoria– they already knew well the honeys of Never Felt So Alone (who in 2019 demanded the official delivery of it, after listening to a first version of the song and discovering that it did not appear within the original music of the famous series of HBO). Already in December of last year and after his concert in California, labrinth tested a new version counting on stage with billie eilish And his brother FINNEASand now, we can officially count on it on our usual music streaming servers.

In a new recent interview with eddy francis for Apple Music 1, labrinth He told us a little more about the process of collaborating with Eilish for the final version of this song:

When we talked about making the song, she told me, “Lab, I’ve been listening to your music for years.” I was like, “What?” It was like, “Billie? That? You?” She said, “Yes, I’m a big fan.” Then she confessed to me that she really liked this song and told me that she would love to do it with me. It was most meaningful to me because I felt that we both understood each other musically. I didn’t like it. It seemed strange, and I love his contribution to this record“, affirms the artist himself, referring to that Ends & Begins that he will publish at some point during this year (and of which other clues are already known, such as Iridium, Kill For Your Loveand lift-off).

Labrinth & Billie Eilish – Never Felt So Alone

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