Lady Diana ” would be shaken by the division between Harry and Wllliam. And he would have loved Meghan.


The English press now goes back on the case Harry and Wllliam and even calls into question Lady Diana, the missing mother of the two princes. The word then passed to princess Diana’s biographer who declared: she would have liked Harry to have been William’s right-hand man in his “solitary work as king” and would have been “very upset” by the rift that occurred between the two brothers.

Harry and William together for the mother statue. «Kate director of the “reunion”»: the revelations of Diana’s butler

How Lady Diana would react to the crisis between the brothers

Biographer Andrew Morton spoke to the Daily Mirror, saying that Diana would be “worried” about the current rift between his sons William and Harry and would work to reconcile them. The two princes met for the first time since the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in April and last Thursday for the inauguration of the mother statue.
Despite their differences, William and Harry gathered at Kensington Palace to usher in the statue of Princess Diana – commissioned to sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley – to celebrate her sixth birthday on July 1.


Biographer Andrew said of Diana: «He always saw Harry as the reliable wingman for William, and would approach Charles to figure out how to reconcile the two brothers. “He always understood his youngest son, his tendency to act with his heart and his desire to forge his own path. After all, she too had organized her great escape and survived.” Andrew, who worked on the 1992 biography Diana: her true story with the princess, he also explained that he always knew that Diana would take a different path from all the others and that she would do more charity work. Perhaps she would also have remarried to a successful and self-confident man, a politician, a doctor or a businessman.

“I think he would have had more children,” Andrew continued.She always wanted a little girl and made fun of Carlo when Fergie arrived with Beatrice and Eugenie, for what it could have been. When she died, she had not tasted the true joy of being a grandmother.”

And she continued: “She would have been surprised at the first meeting with Meghan Markle, a force of nature able to speak with passion and precision. And after knowing her and discovering the vulnerable side of a woman who suffered mental trauma during her first pregnancy – as Diana did – they would surely bond with her». Diana’s biographer finally explained that “she would act as a peacemaker to save the institution from which she had distanced herself. One thing is certain, however – he said – The boys would have put aside their differences to organize a party and remember their precious mother».


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