Lady Gaga could join Joaquin Phoenix as Harley Quinn in Joker 2

Lady Gaga is in early talks to play Harley Quinn in the upcoming sequel jokerwill join joaquin phoenix to reprise the role in which he won his Academy Award for Best Actor.

The movie in which Lady Gaga will join the cast is called Joker: Folie a Deuxso says an anonymous source who has information about the upcoming project of Todd Phillips.

The Hollywood Reporter was the one who is stating the fact

The interpretation of Gaga of the love interest of joker would be completely separate from the interpretation of margot robbie of the character he’s had in the previous DC movies that were in both “Suicide Squad” like in “birds of prey“.

Who is Harley Quinn?

The character arc begins with her being the psychiatrist of the joker and after the therapy sessions, it seems that instead of help the villain back to realityloses control and unleashes his inner demon, which is a playful but deadly tour de force.

It has almost been confirmed that Phoenix will return and play the troubled Arthur Fleck as a second installment of the film, which mainly revolves around him.

The 2019 movie was highly anticipated because it felt like a standalone movie that didn’t involve Batman at all, he’s not even mentioned in the movie, just the movie. Wayne family. The movie became a multi-million dollar hit because it took a very different approach than the gothic city of the caped crusader.

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