Lady Gaga fans lie about song to get more streams

Lady Gaga on stage.
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  • Lady Gaga’s fans are making up lies.
  • Little Monsters are pretending that their song “Heavy Metal Lover” has a problematic lyric.
  • It’s all a ploy to get more people to listen and get the singer higher on the charts.

Lady Gaga fans are planning to improve the success of one of her old songs on the music charts, and it seems to be working.

The Little Monsters, as Lady Gaga fans know, are trying to get the song “Heavy Metal Lover” to rank higher in the streaming charts by claiming it contains problematic lyrics.

However, so-called “uncomfortable” lyrics do not exist, and this claim is a ploy to get people to listen to the song, perhaps repeatedly, to look for any offensive words or phrases.

A fan named Rainx posted on ” Listen to it and see who you’re admiring.”

A fan named Joey Monda also posted: “If people hear that song in 2023 it will be too bad for them.”

Renx’s post was viewed 302,000 times, and Monda’s was viewed 204,000 times. The two generated dozens of reposts and quote shares.

“Heavy Metal Lover” was featured on Gaga’s 2011 album “Born This Way”, but at the time, it was not a huge hit compared to other singles from the album such as “Marry the Night” and “Judas”.

However, it started trending on TikTok a week ago when it was overlaid on a dancer’s video and received over 170,000 likes.

Since then, the song has started taking off the streaming charts.

“I can’t believe this line was allowed on the radio waves!” reads a quote-post. “Kids are listening. Everyone needs to stream and be aware of this issue.”

One fan said it would be “over” for Gaga if the general public found out. Another said: “This time he crossed the line.”

The replies and shares were filled with people intrigued by the strategy, but there were also some who were confused. Some people said that they listened to the song several times and searched the lyrics, but did not find any problems.

Fans would often respond by requesting one more listen.

“This is literally the most controversial thing he’s ever said,” one fan wrote. “I don’t want to get suspended for typing this, but if you listen to it you can hear it in the background.”

The plan, as well as the encouragement from TikTok, appears to be paying off. x account lady gaga sceneswhich has been collecting data on Gaga’s songs since 2015, posted an update on November 16, stating that “Heavy Metal Lover” had its biggest day ever on Spotify, with 117,093 streams.

On Spotify, “Heavy Metal Lover” is now at approximately 29,346,000 streams.

Insider has contacted Gaga’s representatives for comment.

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