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Justice Minister Flavio Dino scheduled the entry of water jugs into the show. “Companies producing shows at high risk of heat must provide free drinking water in easily accessible hydration islands. The measures go into effect immediately.” Later, T4F issued a ban on plastic bottles and explained that free water distribution points would be available to the public during the event.

Rio de Janeiro Governor Claudio Castro determined the distribution of water to the public in the Engenho environment. He also said that the civil police has already started investigation to find out the death of student Ana Clara. “Identify Sede and Lei Seka agents who distributed mineral water in the Engenhao environment. Our fire corps will also provide more ambulances to respond to extreme incidents.”

Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes tonight called for more water distribution points at T4F. Measures include one hour advance entry, occupation of circulation areas to move the public out of the sun, new water distribution points, increased numbers of brigades and ambulances.

The Public Defender of the State of Rio also took action against T4F for issuing the entry of water bottles into the stadium., with hydration points and adequate water supply for the public. In case of failure or non-compliance, the entity will be fined R$ 100 thousand, not minimum.

Water is primary, but people cannot survive. In extreme heat conditions, blocking the entry of thousands of consumers with their water jugs, for the simple purpose of earning more profit from the sale of water, is an illegal conduct which must be combated by all public bodies. Eduardo Chou de Martino Tostes, coordinator of NudeCon (Consumer Defense Center)

Luciano Mattos, Attorney General of Justice of Rio de Janeiro’s Public Ministry, called on T4F to take immediate preventive measures. And he will accompany the investigation into the death of Ana Clara Benevides through the Uma das Promotores de Justica de Investigacao Penal.

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