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The relationship of Lady Gaga with the seventh art it has become something similar to an idyll with a certain bittersweet flavor. Because despite the fact that his musical appearances are generating a huge impact and have earned him a statuette, however, for the moment he has not managed to do the same in the interpretive section.

And not for lack of quality, as he already demonstrated in A star is born (A star is born), a role that earned him a nomination, or in La casa Gucci, which was one of the great forgotten ones at the Oscars 2022. However, the Germanotta seems so happy with everything she is achieving, aware that the path is made step by step.

“Thank you so much to the Academy for nominating my song “Hold My Hand” for an Oscar this year! Writing this song for the movie Top Gun: Maverick was a profound and powerful experience that I will never forget. So grateful for the magic of music and the cinema. I love you my co-writer @bloodpop I’m on set filming now All my love for my Little Monsters! 🃏” the American interpreter posted on her official Instagram profile.

The singer thus celebrated her fourth Oscar nomination. And she did it from the place where the fifth could be brewing. Why Lady Gaga will become Harley Quinn in the sequel to Joker: Folie a deux and if the first installment managed to amaze the public and critics, everything indicates that it will also do so after the shocking ending of the first.

The less good news for us is that for this we will have to wait until at least 2025 since the film is not scheduled to be released until October 4, 2024: five years after the first installment. Of course, Joaquin Phoenix will once again get into the shoes of the ruthless DC villain.

The success achieved with the film in 2019 revolutionized many movie fans, since the tape took another look at the iconic Batman villain, managing to captivate the public with this dramatic and tragic story. The result was more than 1000 million dollars at the box office (on a budget of 55 for its realization) and two Oscars including the statuette for Best Actor.

Will Lady Gaga finally manage to lift the statuette for best actress?

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