Lady Gaga stars in this film that reaches the depths of the heart, it is very controversial and you can see it on HBO Max

They say that love sets you free, but what is the scope of this phrase? “A star Is Born” is a movie starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga which shows the story of a couple who meet in the most unorthodox way possible, thus beginning an idyll that culminates in a fateful event that is announced as the plot progresses. So while one of them begins to lose popularity, another manages to fulfill his dream of positioning himself as a musical star.

But do not be alarmed, this film is not exactly a musical, although it does have the exact amount of good songs, which, in addition to having an appropriate rhythm for each situation, fill the selected scenes in which they are played with eloquence. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper they sparkle on the screen. In fact, their connection in “A Star is Born“It was so good that many entertainment journalists and Internet users assured that love had surpassed fiction, a version that was never confirmed by the actors, who limited themselves to giving an incredible show at the 2019 Oscar Awards.

In said award ceremony, the award-winning actors gave a live presentation of “Shallow”, a musical theme that in fact was the winner of the “Best Original Song” category, thus demonstrating how important the musicalization was in this movie available on HBO Maxwhich mixes romance and drama, playing with the emotions of those who dare to watch this film that makes you go from anger to sadness, leaving you with an infinite sense of emptiness.

Why was “A Star Is Born” a controversial film?

In addition to being involved in rumors of a possible romance between the protagonists of this tragic story, one of the criticisms it received “A star Is Born“It was the crude way in which depression and alcoholism are addressed, topics that today it is known that it is better to talk about to prevent misfortunes, which can be avoided if you pay attention to the signs and are careful with what what is said

Can love cure everything? What happens when you feel that you are the person imprisoning your partner? If you leave, she will look for you and if you stay, you will immerse her, at a time when the memory of your actions drill your brain becomes fragile and you do things without thinking, or maybe it was something you already had planned and you simply had it hidden so well that no one saw it coming… These are some of the thoughts that possibly flood the mind of Jackson Maine, a character in this film that you can see on HBO Max and who is played by Bradley Cooper, who in his eagerness to cling to not be a hindrance to his partner’s success, does something that culminates the story, leaving viewers with a feeling of emptiness and sadness.

Lady Gaga plays Ally Campana in “A Star Is Born” | Twitter: @updategagabr

No matter how many times you’ve seen this movie available on HBO MaxIt is always a good time to fall in love with this again jewel of cinema that plays with closed frames to create feelings of closeness and belonging, which make you feel so immersed in the plot that there comes a time when you don’t know whether to continue or decline, because your mind anticipates the end that your heart rejects.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, but have you ever fallen in love to the point of wanting to breathe for the other person and support them in their worst moments, this film starring Lady Gaga It is for you, so that you cry and remember; so that you free yourself from that love that is no longer with you, but that you will always carry engraved in the song that is the proof of your love.

This Lady Gaga film was nominated and won various awards | Twitter: @LadyGaga5f2


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