Laith Ashley transgender model who conquered Taylor Swift

Well, the interpreter of ‘blank space’ has good taste when it comes to choosing filming partners in her music videos, because on this occasion she has surprised with a very special appearance. Laith Ashley, the transgender model who conquered Taylor Swift and who stars in the images of ‘Lavender Haze’.

After the message with which Taylor Swift described a series of images posted on his account instagramthanking the participation of laith ashley in the video for the song’Lavender Haze‘, we all ran to investigate who it was, taking us a huge and pleasant surprise with the story of this transgender model.

Who is Laith Ashley?

laith ashleyis a young man 33 yearsborn in Harlem, NYwho worked as an insurance agent, before getting a big break in campaigning for barneys new york and enter the world of fashion, until attracting the attention of the singer Taylor Swift.

Laith Ashley transgender model who conquered Taylor Swift (Instagram)

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But the life of Ashley It hasn’t always been so easy and glamorous as it seems, because this has revealed how hard the path of self discoveryacceptance and making a place within the industry by recognizing himself as transgender.

In a recent interview for a popular magazine laith ashley detailed the identity struggles with her body and her image, since she was 5 years old, and although she openly declared ‘gay‘ At the age of 17, he said that something was still not fitting. “At that moment I didn’t know what was transgenderso I told them I had a girlfriend, but I never felt good about being a lesbian woman.”

At 20, he model discovers the term, opening a completely new panorama for him, giving meaning to his feelings regarding himself. LaithI continue recounting that when he realized the Actually, he was afraid to tell his parents, since they are practicing Christians, however, when he broke the news to them, her faith did not get in the way of her love for him.

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“There was a lot of fear at the beginning. It took me six years from the time I came out as trans to begin my medical transition.”Once I got over that fear, nothing stopped me.. I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been” “When I look in the mirror, I’m satisfied with that image. This is how I want to introduce myself to the world. This is me.” Laith added.

The psychologist graduate of the Fairfield University in Connecticutspent two years with testosterone before undergoing surgery in 2015, just a year after carrying out the campaign that catapulted him to fame, clearing his modeling career in record time, participating in big fashion events.

Laith, has not only conquered the heart of Taylor Swift, he has also mesmerized thousands of fans around the world, who have fallen in love with who he is and what he stands for. a history of struggleof love and that inspires to be faithful to who we are.

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