Lalo Trelles throws a dart at TUDN for the rating of the Mexican National Team

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The new victory that TV Azteca boasted over TUDN in its battle for the rating of the National selection was used by Eduardo Trelles to launch a spicy message who found an answer from Jorge Zamogilnynow an analyst for the Chapultepec 18 television station.

On Thursday, David Medrano announced that his television station had a larger audience in the Tricolor match against Guatemalaa result that Trelles took advantage of to write “Nothing changes”a comment that points to the superiority that those from Ajusco have established in this type of game.

“OPEN TELE RATING: Mexico vs. Guatemala, Channel 5: 4.7 and Azteca 7: 5.8; Total rating: 10.5. Source Nielsen Ibope,” Medrano wrote on his social networks.

Lalo’s publication, who spent close to 40 years on Televisa, was not well received by Russian Zamogilny, who did not stay with the desire to answer.

Televisa also proclaimed victory

It is worth mentioning that TUDN also showed its data, in which they were the winners with 4.6 million viewers, while TV Azteca added 4.1.

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