Lamborghini: the millionaire loss of Kim Kardashian

The famous model made a movie gift that would end up costing her dearly. $750,000 thrown away, now shining far from her mansion. Swipe and find out what it’s all about!

kim kardashian It is news for its exotic outfits, but also for its ostentatious collections that steal all eyes. Without a doubt, the American model has known how to invest her millions and earn insane figures that are on everyone’s lips today. It is estimated that his current assets are around 1.8 billion dollars, and he enjoys them as he wants!

Despite the fact that his rise to fame was only in 2000, the popularity that he has gained on social networks is from another world. Without a doubt, her reality shows also gave her character an extra spice, which revolutionized the world… and some homes. In 2007, a reality show called “Keeping up with the Kardashians” that would define his success.

Thanks to her bulging bank account, the model does not hesitate to treat herself to all the pleasures that come to mind. However, unlike other celebrities who want everything for themselves, Kim does not hesitate to share it with her family and close friends. However, youNone of these millionaire gifts would end up costing you dearly.

Without thinking twice, Kim disbursed a figure that amounts to 500,000 dollars in a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador. One of the most powerful cars offered by the Italian brand and that stands out for its attractive design together with its 740 horsepower. A whole machine! For this occasion, the model preferred it in a matte black tonehighlighting his good taste for these details.

Unfortunately, this car would end up in the hands of Kanye West, who is now his ex-partner. After a series of disputes, the model divorced the renowned rapper, who would take this ostentatious gift with him. A car that today shines far from his mansion, but thanks to its wide repertoire you can rest easy. And what would you do with a gift of such characteristics?

Lamborghini by Kanye West.

Lamborghini by Kanye West.

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