Lamin Yamal is the rising star of Euro: he competes with Zidane and dances like Neymar | Eurocup Germany 2024

Munir Nasroui, father of Lamine Jamal, dressed in a Spanish retro tracksuit that pays homage to the outfit worn by the Federation at the 1996 European Championship and featuring a shield inspired by the works of Joan Miró, walked through the center of Cologne. “These clothes are worn by those who know,” he commented, laughing. He was accompanied by his nephew, who is Barça’s driver in Barcelona (he still can’t drive) and a man he trusts. Lamine’s mother, Sheila Ebana, went straight to the hotel where La Roja was concentrated. Both are, in any case, present at the stadium to see the sensation of the Eurocup. “How many players have done what my son does at this age?” Munir Nasroui asked those around him. The answer was rhetorical: no one. About to turn 17 – he will do so on July 13 – Lamin Yamal has broken all records of precocity in Germany. At the moment, he is missing a goal.

“Lamine had many chances, but he couldn’t convert them. “He’s saving them for Germany,” Rodri said. Lamine Jamal is the Spanish player who has created the most chances in the European Cup: 11. “We have to stand firm with Lamine,” asked Luis De la Fuente. “He played a great game, but I’m sure he’ll do better,” added the Spain coach. Against Georgia on the 17th, he signed a protocol with seven shots and six chances created. There is only one player in the history of the Euro who has taken more than five shots and created more than five chances in a match: Zinedine Zidane against England in 2004: six and six.

“He was missing a pause in certain moments in one-on-one situations. He looks with a lot of confidence, he was missing a little peace of mind,” concluded De la Fuente. In Germany, Lamine attempted 25 dribbles, 11 of which were successful. He had the best result in La Roja, followed by his friend Nico Williams with 24 (nine). However, the Athletic forward has already made his debut in goal. A problem for Yamal. “I think he’s going to have to put up with me this week because he didn’t score,” Nico Williams jokingly commented. “I hope he can shut me up next time. We challenge each other and complement each other really well, and I hope we can do it.” Lamine’s response was quick to follow. “It’s going to be a bit tough. I’ve already told him not to start,” the Barcelona forward began. And, no longer joking, he concluded: “No, I’m really happy for him and that he scored.”

The participation of Yamal and Williams brings joy to La Roja. “They infect us with their youth and innocence,” Rodri said. As soon as the game with Georgia ended, Niko and Lamin challenged each other. Rock Paper Scissors earn the right to drink from a bottle of water. The winner? Williams, who drank first. “If it allows them to be happy and develop their best football, then welcome. They played a great game, they are two important figures,” Rodri concluded. “He doesn’t want to give me a bottle of water. We always do that, draw lots,” the Lezama-trained striker explained.

From playing to dancing, Lamine and Nico paid tribute to one of their idols in Cologne. “I was watching videos of Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo on YouTube,” Williams recalls. “I would have loved to play with Neymar,” says Lamine. After Nico’s goal, the two got together to recreate the Brazilian’s now-historical choreography in a Santos shirt: the one from the song. Chu Cha Cha Flavel and Neto. “It’s a dream come true: every kid wants to play in the European Championship and score for the national team,” Williams said. Now Lamine’s scream is gone. Up next: Germany, next Friday in Stuttgart. They are fighting for a place in the top four of the Eurocup.

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