Lancôme highlights the beauty of the Louvre art

Lancôme explores the beauty of art history displayed at the Louvre Museum for its new campaign.

Very few combinations are successful as well as the ones in between luxury, beauty and art history, And publicis lux de paris has achieved exactly that ideal combination in his new film in collaboration with Lancôme For the brand new campaign.

Beauty and art were born in the midst of history «beauty is a living art«, a campaign that portrays louvreOne of the most famous symbols of Paris, take it beyond its elegant and impressive structure, starring crystals placed in the shape of a pyramid, and immerse yourself in the pure beauty of its art-adorned interior.

Lancôme wanted to take a journey through the museum’s collections and appreciate the most emblematic works of art together with the brand’s ambassadors: Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Aya Nakamura and He Kang who perfectly represent the strength and beauty of the present day woman which the brand seeks to portray with symbols of femininity from history such as Venus de Milo or the Victory of Samothrace. All of this tries to explain how female power has progressed in a certain way in history.

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A unique collaboration full of art

Despite all the news in the digital world, this collaboration between Publicis de Luxe Paris and Lancôme decided to delve deep into history to create its own bridge to the future. Taking a tour of centuries of artistic history in one of the world’s most important museums, the current beauty brand is inspired by diverse cultures that highlight works of art, while continuing to hold on to its beliefs beauty is a living artOne that is always evolving and obeys no rules or boundaries.

Lancôme invites us to maintain this dynamic dialogue between art and beauty to tell the stories of women who have transcended time and who have inspired women today, breaking through the geographic barriers and cultures of the modern world .

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