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‘The Stolen’. This is what a property is called, located in the Doradas village, in the municipality of Sabana de Torres (Santander)which by its name seems predestined to the drama that its owner lives.

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An armored van, with two armed menarrived at the place on August 6, at 10 in the morning, and minutes later motorcycles and a bus with people arrived.

land invasion

In a matter of hours, the invaders cut down trees, slaughter cattle and erect cambuches.

Cesar Tamayo

César Tamayo, president of Asogras Colombia.

By noon, when the temperature had already reached 30 degrees, there were 150 people who began to occupy the property, accompanied by a lawyer who identified himself as a member of a peasant foundation.

The massive invasion was only stopped when Eliécer Márquez, the owner of ‘La Robada’, began to complain of severe pain.

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Our partner had heart problems”, says César Augusto Tamayo, president of the Colombian Peasant Association (Asogras), who calls for an investigation similar invasions in the villages of Payo, El Diamante, Mata de Piña, Cristales, Caño Edén and Miraflores. Those affected are palm growers, ranchers, peasants and producers.

“The invaders say that they are authorized by the government and that is false,” says Tamayo. Y they ask the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate if the armored truck belongs to the National Protection Unit (UNP) and is assigned to a former FARC member.

Productivity, frozen

Indigenous people at the La Emperatriz farm, in Caloto.

Indigenous people at the La Emperatriz farm, in Caloto.

780 kilometers from ‘La Robada’, in the department of Cauca, the municipalities affected by the invasion of private property are Padilla, Santander de Quilichao, Patía, Villa Rica, Silvia and Cajibío.

Until this area came this week the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Pradato ask indigenous and Afro-descendant communities to dialogue and avoid confrontations.

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Local sources indicate that due to these ancestral conflicts, in Cauca there are 4,000 unproductive hectares, some of which are owned by sugar cane entrepreneurs. But, in Casa de Nariño it is estimated that there are hundreds, and that they shelter five departments, as the Attorney General’s Office warned four months ago.

land invasion

In the corregimiento El Caguán de Neiva (Huila), at the entrance to one of the invasions, there is a Colombian flag with the sign: ‘Asentamiento Gustavo Petro’.

Since May, EL TIEMPO denounced that several invaders claim to act under the guidelines of the Petro campaign and now the Government. Even in the corregimiento El Caguán de Neiva (Huila), at the entrance to one of the invasions there is a Colombian flag with the sign: ‘Gustavo Petro Settlement‘.

That was where there was clashes between members of more than 700 families, that reached a 50-hectare plot, and the Esmadleaving several policemen wounded, one of them with a pistol.

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This and the other cases led the Government to warn that yes there will be agrarian reform, to seek equity in access to landbut that property must be respected.

Lorica and La Secluded

Invasion of farms in Montería

These are the cambuches that hundreds of invaders install in the farms that have part of the Berlin wetland inside.

Nevertheless, EL TIEMPO established on the ground that several invasions continue and spread. In Córdoba, EL TIEMPO had already denounced seizures of farms belonging to the Vallejo, Gómez and Bianchi families. And now, the turn is for two properties of the Government, located in Lorica and La Apartada.

in lorica, the farm has 168 hectares and the mayor’s office has tried to evict, through dialogue, the families that already have cabins and even animals.

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And although there have been consultation tables, some do not allow themselves to be registered because they say they fear they will be evicted. And others are not interested in being identified.

The trail of politicians has been found behind the offers of land to humble people.

Over there the trail of politicians has been found behind the offers of land to humble people. And in Santander a man meets with groups of up to 700 people to offer them land as a negotiation.

“He assures them that they are abandoned lands since times of violence, but they have owners and pay taxes,” said Tamayo.

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On Friday, the Police evicted a property in Caloto (Cauca), which generated protests from the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (Cric), which makes it clear that invasions will be one of the challenges of the Petro era.

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