Landscapes that change. Film festival dedicated to Andrea Zanzotto


Wednesday 6 October at 9 pm

Screening of the film Movida by Alessandro Padovani

Auditorium Bomben spaces, via Cornarotta 7, Treviso

Wednesday 6 October at 21, with the projection of Movida, debut docufilm by Alessandro Padovani, the Tasca d’Oro Award for the best documentary in the XIV edition of the SalinaDocFest and the special “Landscapes that change” award from the Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation at the Edera Film Festival 2021, kicks off in the auditorium of the Bomben spaces in Treviso, the tenth edition of the film festival Landscapes that change, organized by the Benetton Foundation and curated by Simonetta Zanon.

This new cycle of projections continues the reflection on the climate crisis, highlighting, from various perspectives, the many connected problems.

Simonetta Zanon explains: «The climate crisis runs through the five titles of this program, determining, in a more or less explicit way, the scenes and moving, between reality and fiction, the protagonists, not only human, of the different stories. This applies to the children who live in the Belluno mountains that adults abandon, and go to meet their future a few steps from the forests devastated by Vaia (Movida), and also for the Canadian director Jennifer Abbott, who links her personal pain for the death of her sister to the grief that affects all of humanity when you realize you are living on a dying planet (The Magnitude of All Things). This applies to the young Cambodians Sreyra, Ponler and Sreyven, textile workers perpetually poised between family and factory, contemporaneity and spirituality (Boramey) and also for the orangutan Petronilla, who died at the Bioparco in Rome after having lived all her 40 years of life in captivity, which, in her second life – possible thanks to taxidermy (and the magic of cinema!) -, denounces the sixth extinction (T.he Second Life). It is a contemporary and committed cinema, which hybridizes the languages ​​of documentary and fiction to tell reality in the wake of the solid and by now long tradition of Hollywood cinema of civil commitment, represented here best by the ecological “stars” Van Sant and Damon (Promised Land) “.

Films on the program:

Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 9 pm


by Alessandro Padovani (Italy, 2020, 68 ‘)

opening evening with free admission, in collaboration with Edera Film Festival

intervene Alessandro Padovani, Marco You own (executive producer), Gloria Aura Bortolini (artistic director Edera Film Festival), Giuliana and Sandro Fantoni (Cinema Edera, Treviso), Livio Meo (Cineforum Labirinto)

A group of children play war between the abandoned houses of a mountain village. Teenagers Tommaso and Riccardo build a motor tricycle, spending the summer with other friends in abandoned parking lots and warehouses. Lorenzo is the same age and the son of a transhumant shepherd, but he doesn’t want to continue his father’s job, but spend a summer like his peers. The Belluno area is one of the many Italian provinces that is becoming depopulated and the film tells it through the eyes of the children and young people who live there.

Wednesday 20 October 2021 at 9 pm

The Magnitude of All Things

by Jennifer Abbott (Canada 2020, 85 ‘)

evening in collaboration with Trento Film Festival

Speakers Sergio Fant, director of the Cinema program of the Trento Film Festival and Francesco Vallerani, professor of Geography at the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice.

In this cinematic journey, Jennifer Abbott, awarded at the Sundance Film Festival for directing The Corporation, reveals intimate relationships between personal and planetary experiences of pain. Stories from the climate change front merge with the director’s childhood memories in Georgian Bay, Ontario. What do these events have in common? The answer, surprisingly, is: everything.

The film takes us around the world in the presence of a planet in crisis: from the catastrophic Australian fires to the dying Great Barrier Reef, to the island of Kiribati, condemned to disappear due to rising sea levels. In Nunatsiavut, Canada, melting ice permanently alters the landscape as natives fight a desperate battle against oil and mining companies in the Amazon rainforest.


Wednesday 3 November 2021

Boramey, the ghosts in the factories

by Tommaso Facchin and Ivan Franceschini (Italy, 2021, 60 ‘)

the director Tommaso Facchin intervenes

Sreyra, Ponler and Sreyven are three young textile workers in Cambodia. Day after day, they produce clothes for the most important brand world championships, until something interrupts their routine: they suddenly pass out in the workplace, followed by mass fainting of colleagues. Incidents like these are not uncommon in Cambodia, where working conditions remain harsh. According to trade unionists and government officials, it depends on long working hours, high temperatures and malnutrition, but the workers tell a different story, that of spirits (boramey) angry at the lack of respect shown by the owners of the factory, offering us an insight into the life of Cambodian textile workers at the intersection of work, religion, family and spirituality.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

The Second Life

by Davide Gambino (Italy / Belgium / Germany, 2020, 90 ‘)

the director Davide Gambino intervenes

Our planet is at a turning point. Human impact threatens the extinction of millions of species, with the dramatic loss of biodiversity that endangers the existence of mankind itself. However, there is a profession that is not often thought of, an art between science and creativity, which is at the forefront of reminding us of what we are about to lose forever: Maurizio, Robert and Christophe are three world-class taxidermists. who work in the natural history museums of Berlin, Rome and Brussels, and prepare for the European Championships, the most important competition of their career. Their mission is to give one second life, even if only apparent, to dead specimens, sometimes also belonging to extinct species, and it is one of them, the orangutan Petronilla, to be a witness and spokesperson for the importance of this work.

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Promised Land

by Gus Van Sant (USA, 2012, 103 ‘)

with Luciano Morbiato, a cinema expert

The “promised land” is that of an unspecified agricultural area in the US whose inhabitants, farming owners in crisis, are contacted by a company that extracts hydrocarbons through the fracking so that they can sell their fields, now at a loss, with the promise of very high profits. Hydraulic fracturing, used as early as 1947 by Standard Oil, has recently been extended to many areas of the United States and Canada to facilitate the extraction of oil and gas from oil shale, upsetting surfaces and depths, and spreading metals into water and soil. heavy, believed to be responsible for the increase in diseases (from tumors to infertility). The film, whose screenplay has also been co-written by the interpreter Matt Damon, is a typical example of cinema of civil commitment, a genre that Hollywood has always cultivated.

Bomben spaces auditorium, Benetton Foundation, via Cornarotta 7, Treviso.

Single admission 5 euros. Opening night with free admission.

Reservations required: T 0422 5121, [email protected]

Presale: Benetton Foundation, Mon to Fri 9 am-1pm, 2 pm-5pm.

Access is allowed only with the Green Pass.


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