Laporta lays down his conditions for a return of Messi and Neymar to FC Barcelona

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Considering that Neymar remained an “exceptional” player, Laporta sees him today as a slave of Qatar: “He has a contract with PSG, he has four or five years left. These players who signed for clubs like PSG almost signed their slavery. For money “.

As for Lionel Messi, who signed up for two years with Paris in the summer of 2021, the spade is less direct: “Messi left as he left. We all wanted him to end his sporting life here and for some reason that couldn’t be the case. It could not have been because of the ‘fair play’ of the Spanish league and because of the proposal from PSG”.

“A transfer for Messi or Neymar? It would be irrational”

Still, Joan Laporta opens the door to a return of the two men to Barça … on the condition of being without a club: “To return one day to FC Barcelona, ​​Messi like Neymar will have to be released. We are not in a position to carry out a purchase operation of what a transfer of these players may cost. But even if we had the money, we wouldn’t do it. It would be irrational”.

Laporte opens the door to Neymar and Messi but…

Very present in the media in recent days and particularly incisive towards PSG since the announcement of Kylian Mbappé’s extension, Joan Laporta (FC Barcelona) has continued his crusade in the columns of L’Esportiu.

Alexandre Corboz

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