Laporta speaks out for the possible signing of Haaland, talks about Messi and the players who are not for sale at Barcelona


After the long-suffering triumph of Barcelona against Intercity to advance to the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey, the president Joan Laporta He was on Cadena Ser to talk about the current situation of the Barça club.

The list of players that Barcelona has in the folder to sign was leaked

The top leader spoke about the possible signing of Haaland and assured that they will not pay a fortune for Bernardo Silva. He also said that Dembeleclaimed by him psgis not for sale and also talked about Leo Messi.

Match against Intercity

”I have slept little. We arrived around three in the morning from Alicante. I’m happy because Barça went through. The attitude of the players was positive and the match was entertaining. I’m not disappointed with the game, on the contrary. There were moments of suffering, but it was clear to me that we would end up winning.”

The sanction to Lewandowski in LaLiga

”We accept the resolution of the TAD. We have always accepted sports jurisdiction. They gave us a week that we took advantage of to go to the ordinary courts. When the decision has been firm, we have complied with it. He will not be able to play against Atlético de Madrid. The sanction seems exaggerated to me, but it falls within the logic if we strictly interpret the logic.

Lewandowski received the TAS sanction and will not be able to play against Atlético de Madrid.

winter transfer market

”There will be no movement except unexpected opportunity. In the summer we already did the necessary work and the coach is happy. We have a squad to have options to win titles this season.”

The economic situation of Barcelona

”At this moment, to be able to sign with the 1:1 rule we would have to obtain an income of 26 million euros. This is the amount that has been attributed to us as losses after the elimination of the Champions League. If we reach the Europa League final, for example, we would get 21 million. If we add the friendlies, for example, we would already have it. We have recovered our prestige and there are investors, sponsors and clubs interested in organizing Barça matches. We will reach June with the possibility of signing with the 1:1 rule.

Bernardo Silva and Haaland

”We will not pay 80 million for Bernardo Silva. Insurance. haaland? We’ll see how he does it at City, at the moment we have Lewandowski who is doing very well.

Haaland is one of the forwards that Barcelona does not rule out signing in the future.

Ter Stegen and Frenkie de Hong

”We are very happy with both of them. None are for sale. Frenkie has an important poster, several clubs are interested in him, but he is not for sale”.

Dembélé is wanted by PSG

”If they come looking for it, we’ll tell them it’s not for sale. He is one of the most important players we have. He has extraordinary speed, he is lightning.


”I had to put Barça ahead of the best player in the history of football. In those moments of financial ruin I could not retain it. I think it was the best for the club. Right now he is a PSG player and I prefer not to talk about him. We are focused on Barça. Leo will always be part of our shield and I would like him to have a different ending than he did. There are several options, but I would be wrong if I said them. We have a relationship.”

Messi ends his contract with PSG in June 2023 and Barcelona dreams of his return.

The European Super League by 2025

”In March or April we will have the judgment of the CJUE. It will be a very important ruling and I think it will benefit the clubs. The Super League will be an open competition. I would not have entered this project if the competition was not open. We want the government to belong to the clubs. I hope that UEFA will occupy one more chair at the governance table. If the resolution is favourable, I think the Super League will be a reality in 2025.”

English clubs out of the Super League?

”We will have a European competition that competes with the Premier. I believe that the English teams will not enter at first. We’d love for them to come in, but my opinion is that initially they won’t. And that everything will end with a merger later.

His relationship with Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga

”Our personal relationship has never been bad, but it has been tense. Thebes is a complicated person. They should be more concerned with recovering subscribers to football on television, increasing the income of Spanish football… We have a team of people within the club that is dedicated to analyzing the legislation of the League. They have modified the statutes of the League and we understand that it has not been the right thing to do. We are defenders of financial control, but if you make a comparison between the Premier and the Spanish league… it is to make them look at it”.

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