Lara on Larín and Tamacas: “There are guidelines in the economic part that I cannot skip”

The alliance The sectors of the right and left side are vulnerable before the exit of Bryan Tamacas and the injury of Jonathan Jiménez. On the possibility of Tamacas returning to the team because he was unable to materialize his military offer in Brazil, as well as Alexander Larin that he will not continue in Comunicaciones de Guatemala, coach albo was clear when he stated that the team must stay within its budget.

Lara is aware of the “failure” by the bands and spoke of the “conditions and characteristics” of Tamacas and Larín, but that the issue also goes through the budget of the pachyderms so that they can be on the team.

“One always thinks about going beyond what one has. We have international competition and the league and everyone who manages to add will always be welcome. The shortcoming or concern we have is on the sides. There has not been that total clarity regarding to these two players, undoubtedly we know their conditions and characteristics, but I am the person I recommend who gives the names of the players”, said Lara.

“There are guidelines in the economic part that I cannot skip. Alianza has a budget and you cannot leave one, and if you cannot, you have to look for other markets. They are two great players, I know what they can contribute, but we also have to look at their part, what they have wanted to manifest at the time, of wanting to be in Alianza, but we all have to do our bit so that these details come to fruition,” he added.

Faced with this situation, the coach pointed out that they work with reserve players so that they can be the options in case the senior squad needs them, but he announced that work must be carried out with them.

“We are working with the boys from the reserve that we are taking to the professional team. It is not about arriving and throwing them into the boiler so that they go to burn, it is a process that must be started with them and that they can be given the opportunity” Lara said.

From Cuscatlan
On the other hand, the president of the Alianza, Pedro Hernández, stated that they received documentation from CONCACAF regarding the inspection that was carried out at the Cuscatlán stadium with a view to the match against the Philadelphia Union of the MLS on March 7.

The priest stated that a new inspection will be carried out in February and it must be EDESSA, the owners of the property, who must make the corrections, since the governing body said that it will “monitor” the situation.

The albos are also getting ready to face the Clausura 2023 that will start on January 28 and will hold a friendly match this Saturday against the Vendaval de Apopa of the second division with which they will close their blank stage.


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