Las Rojas and Flames of Vengeance, the recommended ones to see in the cinema

They are two tragic heroines. One of them, an overwhelming woman, played by Mercedes Moran, a paleontologist, who discovers fossil remains, a creature with something of an eagle and a lion, who can change history, for being a mythological animal.

A colleague from an NGO will travel to the camp, role of Natalia Oreirowith the idea of ​​questioning his colleague’s discovery and controlling his work and finances.

Other characters will appear in the plot, among rivals and thieves, who constitute a competition and threat.

These women will first be in conflict and then allies. The plot talks about dreams and the passion to preserve natural resources.

A female western, which unites two excellent actresses for the first time, the third feature by Matías Lucchesi, who crosses several genres in history, and from there also to the fantastic, with great visual and sound display, developed in the heart of the Andean zone.


This film is a reboot of the 1984 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, with nods to the cinema horror film from the 80s. It centers on a girl with supernatural abilities who lives in a typical family home in the interior of the United States. Seeing the problem, her parents try to teach her that she has to learn to control her attacks. But, things get complicated when an official government agency appears determined to capture the girl and take advantage of her power that would have dangerous derivations.

The girl Drew Barrymore was that successful child lead in the original version. She came to surprise us with the film of steven spielberg “ET”.

Now, the protagonist is Ryan Kiera, along with Zac Efron, as his father. They return to this remake in an austere version, with performers known as secondary. This film has an ending that may not convince fans of the popular author, after a beginning that is viewed with interest due to its correct narration.

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