Lasmar gives update on Neymar’s injury

Rodrigo Lasmar, doctor of the Brazilian national team, gave an update in a press conference, remarks reported by Globo Sports, on the foot injury of Neymar Jr, 30-year-old Paris Saint-Germain striker. For him, it’s a foot trauma that swelled. The care has been administered, but it will be necessary to wait for the next few days to know the consequences for the future for the number 10 of Brazil. Lasmar also points out that this injury has nothing to do with his fifth metatarsal problems.

Lasmar “He couldn’t keep training”

“Neymar suffered a trauma to the right foot, a bump (see photo above, editor’s note). There is significant swelling, he could not continue training, and we started treatment. He is under observation, we will see how he reacts in the next few hours. We have a short period of time, but we will use it to allow him to recover. A more detailed assessment will be made and we will use this time to decide if he will play.

Lasmar “He will rest, tomorrow we will do a new assessment”

The injury he had before was on the fifth metatarsal, today he had a trampling in the middle, near the third metatarsal. For the moment, we are doing a clinical evaluation, as it swells quickly, we are waiting for the evolution. He will be reassessed and if necessary we will do an imaging examination. He is being treated with ice, to reduce the swelling, but what was causing the discomfort was mainly the shoe. He is going to rest, tomorrow we will make a new assessment. It’s very recent, we didn’t even have time to see his reaction to the initial treatment. »

With Neymar, we are always wary. Small injuries can quickly handicap him for a few weeks. This is not to be alarmist, but until the wound has deflated, we will not be able to really know. Considering the edema, in this place, one can suspect the obvious pain, but also its inability to train. Afterwards, it may not be much and you will have to be patient to find out. The upside is that it feels like a knock and has nothing to do with his recurring foot issues. It will be treated and a new evaluation will be made when the foot has deflated. Lasmar does not seem particularly worried, but we feel that all precautions are taken with Neymar who is quite fragile, as we know. His participation in tomorrow’s match against South Korea seems compromised. He could be reinstated to play against Japan next Monday.

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